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My 15 month old son was recently diagnosed with Mollescum.  The doctor wants him to use Aldara.  Is this safe for a young infant?  On the product it is talking about use by older children or adults.  Also, how contagious is he?  Can he be around other children or adults at all?  Can we take him to our church nursery?  Does he need to be completely covered or does it matter?  How long will it take to go away with treatment?  Are there any other options to Aldara for a child so young?  
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Hey im 19 and had some Mollescum on my inner thigh, but my doctor said it is very common among little kids also. It cant be spread that easily, unless there is alot of rubbing and it opens it wont spread. As fas as it going away it takes a few months maybe up to 6. I wish you the best of luck!
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My girls have two friends (they are sisters) that both have had molloscum.  The older sister got it, and then the younger sister got it.  They received no treatment for it. I was concerned about my girls (7 & 9 yrs) catching it from their friends, as they have been known to share towels and bathing suits, etc.  I asked our ped about it and he said don't be too concerned.  Well, they have not caught it, and these skin lesions do last a long time, so they have been exposed to it for a while.  It's been going on for almost a year now.  The ped said it is not easy to catch, but I am certain that the older sibling gave it to her younger sister.  Some people may be more suseptible than others.  Ask the doctor who prescribed the medication what the protocol is for this.  My guess is that there is none for kids and school.
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