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Month Long Period

I'm 18 and for the past year or so I've been trying out birth controls. I was on Alesse first, then another pill, and now the patch (forgive me I can't remember the names- I could find out if need be). The thing is I REALLY don't like having a period- mine are always heavy and unpredictable, even when on birth control. So after talking to my doctor I decided I'd just skip over the period portion of each birth control. The problem- every time I skip the period option, I not only get my period- I get it for a month. FUN FUN. Before skipping the period part I always wait 3-4 months for the birth control to sync with my body, as recommended by my doctor, but it's still always the same! I'm really scared right now because I leave for Sicily for two weeks this Wednesday and am currently on my period. I don't know how long it's been... I think this will be the last week of the month.
Oh, also I should mention... I'm never sure what to do when I have my period WHILE on birth control. I usually end up staying on it... I figure if I keep at it my body will get used to it... ahh, so hopeful. For this week I went off the patch since I'm SO SCARED I'll have my period in Sicily and I figured gettin back to basics may be best... but I don't know...
Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?
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you shouldnt mess around with your pills. it messes up your cyle and its just stupid. quit changing bc all around your gonna have a period all the time if you constantly miss and change bc
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I never said I miss
everytime I change it's under the guiding of my doctor when it seems that a bc isn't strong enough for my system
I've talked to my own doctor and other sources about skipping the period segment of bc, and it's perfectly healthy
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it might be healthy but its gonna make you bleed a lot. thats what your post is about.
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From looking online on forums I've found that it's not the most surprising side effect, but in posting this I was hoping to maybe hear from other women who were in the same situation and to find out what worked for them personally.
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ok well i use to take birth control and i missed a few pills and was bleeding for a month. and it just so happened that i was on vactaion in florida for most of the time.

your suppsed to take them all, not take a few, and then stop. your not going to have a regular period if you continue to switch them. they contain different hormones n you cant expect your body to keep adujusting beacuse your not happy with pills.

there is a couple birth controls you should look into where you dont get a monthly period.

and you said your doctor wanted you to change them because they werent strong enough for your body. what did you keep getting pregnant or something
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when I skip the period pills I continue taking the regular pills- I just start a new pack.

And my doctor deemed them not strong enough when, despite starting a new pack, I would get my period.

And for the record I've been told it takes many women time to find a bc that synchs well with their body- it's definitely not one size fits all.
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