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Month late period, What is wrong?

I recently had a missed period. My last period was in November, and it did not turn up in December and not yet now. I'm a bit worried, I have been experiencing nausea, bloating, anda I tend to get cramps (A bit upper) I do have white discharge (a little bit) here and there. I have not had sex, I'm still a virgin. I do take medication and unsure if its affecting my period or not. It's called Sertraline. I have been a bit agressive lately too and VERY hungry a most times. Sometimes I eat and I'm still hungry afterwards. Its off and on. I told my mother and she didn't provide me any good information and or to calm me down with my fears of thinking im pregnant due to symptoms. I would really appreciate some feedback and what this is! If I got a pregnancy test, my mom would call me a liar thinking i've had sex in which I have not. I would rather not take birth control pills either as suggested by her too. Feedback is very much appreciate! Could use some help with what can be going on.
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What are the side effects of the medicine you are taking? Research what the side effects are and ask a pharmacist or doctor. Are you underweight? Because sometimes that can cause women to have a light period or missed one. Do go to a gynecologist if you continue having a missed period.
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The side effects state drowsiness or tiredness;

insomnia or agitation;

indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite;


tremors or shaking;

sleep problems (insomnia); or

decreased sex drive, impotence, or difficulty having an orgasm.

Some people have said they had missed periods due to it. I started this medication around a few months ago. I sometimes miss a dose because of horrid memory. The period issue never happened when I was on my old medication, fluoextine.
"Some people have said" is not on the side-effects list. If you're on Sertraline, it seems like  you would not be not so stressed as to miss a period from stress, it's more likely to be just one of those things, or possibly related to your lack of body fat. Wait another week or two and it's possible things will sort themselves out. If this keeps up for two or three cycles, go see the doc.
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I was on Sertraline for a number of years. It never affected my periods; they came and went in the normal way.

As suggested already, being underweight is one of the most likely reason periods can stop ... when someone gets too little body fat in proportion to her weight, the body thinks it is starving, and stops ovulating and therefore stops having periods. Anxiety can also cause periods to stop. Some young women in college only get their periods during summer break, because they are so stressed at school. The latter seems a little less likely since you are on Sertraline, it seems as though it would relieve anxiety enough that you would keep having your periods.

If you are a virgin, you are not pregnant and don't need to take a pregnancy test. There is no such thing as getting pregnant from a toilet seat, doorknob, towel, bar of soap, or sperm mystically flying through the air. On the other hand, if you are still technically a virgin but have had close contact with a guy's 'guy part,' such as being naked together and embracing closely but not having penetration, you might still have some risk. If you think there was a realistic chance an activity of yours might have made a way for sperm to reach your vaginal secretions, don't hesitate to take a pregnancy test. Your mom's tut-tuts shouldn't keep you from finding out, and the pregnancy tests sold at the Dollar Store are said to be very sensitive. But don't bother to test if the most intimate you have been is innocuous (such as merely kissing, or embracing with your clothing on and pressing together). Those will not get you pregnant, save the trouble of getting a test if that's all you've done.

As suggested above, if your period keeps staying away, see a doctor. (Especially if you are not underweight.) In case you didn't know, you do not have to have your mother in the room when you see the ob/gyn, and the doctor is not allowed to tell her what you have said.

Hope this irons itself out soon!
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ps -- I just re-read your post and saw that really you have only missed one period. Gotta say, that sometimes happens to women, "just because." It means you didn't ovulate at mid-month, two weeks before you expected your December period. (Also not an unusual time to fail to ovulate -- right before Christmas is very stressful!) It's possible that the symptoms you are having now is your body ginning up for a new period to come, and you'll sail past the one missed period and not look back.
Thank you very much! That helps a lot. The only interactions I have had is cuddling. Always clothes on. My bf did once touch my down there but that was months ago. I got my period a few weeks after and now Im just not getting it. I was very worried of my symptoms especially the increased hunger. My doctor told me when I went (around a few months ago) that i was below average, believe I was 107 or 109? I just hope to get it soon! Thank you for all your help!
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