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Monthly boils or ingrown hair?

For several years I have been getting knots on my genital area, sometimes more so on the buttocks area.  These knots are very uncomfortable, they hurt for anything to touch them.  Sometimes they will come to a head or with a warm compress, I can get them to bust and pus comes out then blood then clear fluid.  I end up bruising the area, but ultimately I put alcohol on it with a cotton ball or neosporin ointment to try and get it to go away.  The doctor (OB/GYN) says it might be from shaving?  He said it is probably hormones causing a hair folical to become inflamed.  I am not so sure about this diagnosis.  Because this started about 4 to 5 years ago and now it seems I have one most of the time.  I read where other women have these on this site and wonder how many of us are suffering.  And what else has other womens doctors told them?  One girl suggested it may be herpes.  I have herpes, I contracted it when raped in 1986.  I have not had any kind of breakout since 1989.  Then what I thought was an outbreak in 2002.  But these boils/ingrown hairs (which I have never gotten a hair out from) are not annything like the herpes lesions.
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that is exactly what i do with the boils. i pop them if they come to a head and the same stuff comes out, then i clean it and it will go away after a while. then another one will come not long after that. when i did go to the doctor she said alot of people were getting them because of the whole bacteria and stuff from katrina. but i don't think its an ingrown hair becuase it never has a hair come out of it and its likea hard ball underneath the skin.
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Well I am sure it is  not from Katrina!!!  How crazy that sounds.  I do think it is from shaving.  Maybe I will not shave for the next couple months and see if they stop coming back.   Or maybe waxing will be the answer, because really it is something that didn't start until I started shaving, now that I think back.  Its just that my boyfriend would rather I shave.  I could really care less about shaving. except if I am wearing a bikini!  lol
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i agree! i only got the brazilian wax because my husband wanted it and thats when the problems started with the ingrown hairs but i have been getting the boils since after my son was born and besides painful its kinda embarassing.
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I agree it is embarrasing!  I won't even think about being intimate while one of those litle monsters are lurking around!  I shave pretty much for the same reason, my guy, he likes the 'haircut'!  lol

  I'll post again on this subject next month and see if not shaving makes any immediate difference!  

  Did you get these after you waxed too?
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I was just wondering if you wear pantyhose alot? My friend wked where she had to wear them every day & she would get places up very high on her thighs & have to go to the DR w/ this problem. Dr thought it had alot to do w/ the pan everyday. Once she quit that job she hasn't had any more problems:)
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i just got alot of ingrown hairs from the waxing. i went to the doctor today and got meds for it but it hurts bad, like the pressure is built up. i keep putting hot compresses on it to try and see if a head will form so i can relieve the pressure. i think my husband might be giving it to me. i always get them in that area and i had never gotten staff before i met him. he has had it several times and since i shave down there that is open access to staff in that area.
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