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Morning sickness but may not be pregnant

So, last month I thought I maybe pregnant, but I then got my time of the month. The thing I found odd about it was that it lasted only two days. Since I have been stressed and going through alot I figured that maybe why. Yet I started getting sick to my tummy every morning mainly stomache acid comes out. Therefore I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. Yet every morning I am still getting sick. My throat is raw from it now. I have tried to hold back but when I do the whole day I feel sick and can't do anything. Please help if you have any ideas why this could be.
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Hi there and welcome.  Well, you really could just have gastric reflux.  Do you take anything like Tagamet or Prilosec over the counter?  there is also simple things like tums and rolaids ot help with the acid.  

I would consider going to the doctor.  I do tend to doubt you are pregnant due to the negative pregnancy test but it is worth making sure about.  

By the way, morning sickness that you hear about usually starts at around 6 to 7 weeks into the pregnancy on average.  For most women, it is like just nausea---  like sick to the stomach feeling.  Not so much acid.  Sometimes women do gag and occasionally they throw up.  but typically it is just nausea.  

I did end up getting horrible acid issues but that was at 8 months pregnant due to the stomach being squeezed.  

Doctor is the best place to start.  If it is gastric reflux, get that treated.  You don't need burning of the esophagus.  good luck
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Thanks. I plan on going to the doctor maybe this wensday. I know about morning sickness but I have been pregnant twice and one of those times I did feel this sickness in the morning and if I didn't get sick I was sick all day. That started at five weeks.

This time I would say I was about five weeks again. But the negative test has my mind somewhat at ease about pregnancy. I just hate that feeling every morning. I guess here is another thing I am going to have to face on my own. Thanks again.
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Ugh.  Well, go get that checked out on Wednesday if you can.  I think that will help.  It is pretty rare to be pregnant and have a negative pregnancy test but once in a blue moon it can happen, I guess.  Like 1 percent of that time.  you never know if you are that one percent though.

So, let me know what you find out on Wednesday!  peace
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