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My Vagina smells like onions out of nowhere..

I am 25 years old and the past 2 weeks, my vagina smells like B.O/onions down there....I cannot get rid of it. It cant be the reason that i ate an onion because its never happened before when i ate onions. Its really embarrassing because i cannot be intimate with my husband because of this embarrassing smell...Please tell me what can cause this?? I am desperate to find a solution to fix this...
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I am intimately familiar & empathetic with this issue (feel free to read my threads on this esteemed site, and you will find much useful information from lots of women like us). There is an "Old Husband's Tale" out there in the Grande Thema of "One Is What One Consumes". I am not sure I subscribe to this mantra to the extent that the smell of my vulva and vagina replicates the scent of a corresponding entree, appetizer, or any other component of my diet as a direct link. However, call me a skeptic, yes, but I do realise that certain things can influence a person's body odours. That said, let's rule out other factors before we jerk our knees, shall we!! A vaginal odour that smells like garlic may share some chemical links to it, but may be caused by other factors. I have been in the "insecurity with the way my body smells to me & others" for so long that I learned lots of stuff about my health. Along the way, I also learned the following:

1 It's okay & important to ask these questions.
2 INSIST on the answers from your health care provider
3 DON'T be embarrassed.  Nobody is going to worry about YOU unless YOU DO!
4 Learn all you can from other old Farts like me
5 God Loves You

Hope that helps.

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Hey, Ms. UnicornsNglitter!

I was curious so I looked up this issue (I have a science background). I found the following, which explains the nature of the smell, at least chemically. I know the classic joke of vaginal odour smelling like fish is likely the result of something called "imines", which are nitrogen compounds often associated with BV, but sulfur compounds normally are associated with the scent of onions & garlic.

When you slice an onion, its vapours dissolve in the water in our eyes, producing a mild sulfuric acid which causes tearing and irritation. When peeling and slicing onions you can reduce tearing by cutting the root end off last, since the cells containing the most sulfuric compounds are concentrated there. The nutritional benefits of onions far outweigh the problems posed by "onion breath" and teary eyes. These members of the lily family are high in Vitamin C and contain quercetin, a powerful antioxidant, and adenosine (may fight LDL, or the 'bad' form of cholesterol).

Probably TMI, but I am with you. Let's team up and get to the bottom of this, shall we? I'll see what else I can find, and maybe someone else here will have a similar issue and perhaps a response we can work with. Hang in there, have a glorious weekend, and I will keep my eyes open for ya!
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I had the same problem w/ my vagina smelling like onions. I went to two doctors and both said that my test came back normal. No infections or diseases. The doctors said I probably just had a chemical imbalance in my system, which cld b the result of weight gain, diet, age and a few other things. The doctors recommended that I eat yogurt to help regulate my digestive system. Since I don't eat yogurt they said to take a pill probiotic pill called Acidophilus. IT WORKED! thank God! When I do not take it I do notice a difference in my vaginal area the pills can b purchased anywhere. Hope this helps!
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Glad the acidophilus worked for you!! I keep some handy. They're great during antibiotic treatments, as they serve to at least boost, if not replenish natural flora in the body - vaginal, intestinal, etc.
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My vagina smells like onion for a few days after I handle or consume raw onions, asparagus also makes my vagina smell like asparagus. Those are the only two foods I've noticed so far that change my chemistry down there.
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I had this problem of my vagina smelling like onions... i could not understand why i was getting this problem. For one week I accidentally cooked boiled potatoes, carrots and sprouts instead of my stews containing onions and i was shocked that the gas, smell or odour from my vagina had completely gone.  The smell penetrates through the cell wall of the vagina into the open. I then checked further (i diagnosed myself ) that perhaps i had a fructose intolerance. Meaning that onions do not digest in my body, i don't have the enzymes and may be my ancestors did not eat onions or fructose foods and just ferment in the small bowel producing sulfur gas. So it was a fructose intolerance that was causing my vagina smell odour problem. Fructose intolerance is often under diagnosed. I hope i have helped people understand the cause ...it is a Fructose Intolerance problem.
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I'm 24 and I have had this problem since I've had my first child and I thought it was from my thighs being thick and my vagina not getting no air. But as I read everyone's comments and questions I'm really lost on what it really could be. Its very embarrassing to talk about and I really can't believe I'm saying it now but I really wanna smell fresh all the time. I don't want this to be a issue that I carry for years it's already Ben 16 months to long. I want to know what is the very best solution to this embarrassing problem. Help
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Relax it is perfectly normal to have vaginal odor. From what I have researched I find that it is perhaps due to your body chemistry mixing with pheromones. Some men such as I enjoy that smell. I was with my wife for 19 years and it smelled like that practically the whole time and to me it's a normal part of life as a matter of fact that smell drives me crazy with desire for her. This is not a joke and I just want you to be aware that humans have certain distinctive odors most are different from the scent of close relatives.  That's an interesting part due to prevent inbreeding. So that is why certain scent are different for every man to a female and vice a versa
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First. Bravo to you 1NatureBoy for enjoying your wife regardless of any normal or abnormal functioning's. Every woman's body is different. It is normal to have an onion/garlic odor. It can be contributed to lots of different causes, such as diet, age, or hormones. What is important is regular checkups, making sure that it is colorless, and that the odor remains the same...Vaginal infections will display a thickening discharge or color change after a short amount of time if gone unchecked by a physician or the use of an over the counter vaginal cream. The chemical imbalance can be contributed to so many changes including weight gain/lose, his sperm, even mood changes. Use a douche of warm water until the odor subsides.  If it persist go to your OBGYN and talk to a doctor...I am a Nurse and over 50, and have seen many cases such as these mentioned. I eat a garlic glove every day to ward of intestinal germs and have encountered the same issue. Also drink plenty of water daily. Hope this helps... :)    
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Same here. Coffee does it as well.
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I am a 50 y.o. male. I have smelled 4 vaginas in my life starting in my mid teens. I have never smelled one that does not smell like what in college I described as a beef burrito + body oder scent. Very similar to what OP described. I have just assumed that all women smell like that. There have been maybe 10 days over 30 years that my wife has not smelled like that, even straight out of a long, soapy bath. My sisters-in-law say the same is true for them. Does not every women smell like this?  
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