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My areolas are pointy, is this normal?

I’ve not found any help or anything like this anywhere else no matter how I searched. My areolas are pointy at the top of them instead of being rounded out like normal. I’ve never seen anyone else with this, and I don’t know if it’s normal or okay or not. It’s always been like this since I’ve grown boobs (around 10) so it’s not just suddenly appeared. They aren’t puffy and are flush with my skin, they’re just pointy at the top. I’m 18 if that helps any
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Hi there.  So, nipples can be all different shapes.  This is just the natural shape of yours.  Have you had a breast exam by your doctor at any point.  You can ask but this is really something that I would say isn't abnormal.  
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If what is worrying you is breast cancer, don't be. You wouldn't get two nipples with the same shape and issue if the thing that made them pointy was cancer. It is possible that the weight of your breasts pulls on them in some way.
It's not really breast cancer, just that they look really unattractive.. and they're not the same shape at all, my left one is pointy at the top and turns into a teardrop shape, and the other one is more of a bean shape, not really being pointy at all
Do you have large breasts, such that their weight might be pulling the nipples around? If not, I guess I would go see the doc and get a mammogram, just to be sure there aren't any tumors. (I'm talking benign ones, not all breast tumors are an issue, but they can pull the nipples out of round, for sure.)
It's possible that my breasts are too heavy.. I wear a 36 H cup. I'm sure others would love this size, but I really hate it. I get weird looks because I'm only 5'0, and they're too big compared to my body. I've even had people come up and ask where I got my "breast implants done", telling me they looked bad compared to my body, and then not believe me when I tell them I've not had any.  eeeek
If your health insurance is any good, you could get a breast reduction surgery done, for the reason that they are too heavy and hurt your back or that your bra straps dig into the muscles of your shoulders. You can't get one for aesthetics, but doctors do deem the surgery medically necessary (and therefore covered by health insurance) if the weight of the breasts is causing the woman pain. I've known more than one woman who has had this surgery and it's pretty much universal that everyone is really pleased to have had it.
I've talked about a reduction with my mom before, but apparently our insurance doesn't cover it, so it would be too expensive. It's probably because of the state I live in, anything that doesn't threaten your life isn't necessary to cover lol. When my dad split the tendon on his knee after falling on it, the insurance didn't cover it. The doctor said it was the worst he'd ever seen. It's been 10 years and we're still trying to pay off the bills from that one
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This is from breastandbra. com, and it makes the shape of your nipples not sound like a big deal.

"Areolas are as different as fingerprints, no two are the same. Some women have almost no areola while others have areolas covering half of their breast or more, especially during and after pregnancy. Aeolas can range from none to 8 inches in size.
"The shape of a woman’s areolas can range from round, oval to almost no shape. Some women have areolas that are wider in some spots than others. This is 100% normal and nothing to worry about."
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Most women have different size and even shape breasts, they are never perfectly matched.  I am sorry you do not love the way your breasts look!  I will say that while this is important and I don't minimize it but your breasts are going to change over and over again.  My breasts no are totally different than they were in my teens which were different than my 20's which were different than my weight gain in thirties, during pregnancy and nursing and where they are now.  including nipple changes.  Men judge FAR less than you think and porn is fake . . . so real breasts are each unique and just fine as they are.  I hope you start to internalize that sooner rather than later but again, don't minimize your feelings. good luck
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Gosh, I do understand being too big.  That is uncomfortable for your back and for all the staring guys do.  Insurance does often cover reduction.  My good friend had it done, fully paid for that way and she was SO happy after the fact!
my suggestion is to love them the way they are.  Guys are going to love them as well.  The reason why they stare is because they are attracted to how they look.
An "H" cup when you are 5'0 tall is asking for a lot of very unwanted attention. A woman should not be told to "love them the way they are" because "guys will stare and be attracted." What if the constant attention to her boobs is unpleasant to her? Women don't exist to be on display for men.  Add to that, painful shoulders from the bra straps, and painful muscles in the back, and it is a medical issue. Many women feel their bustline is out of proportion to the rest of their body when their breasts are that large, and they sure as heck have the right to feel that way.  
I really hate being any kind of center of attention, and the guys who stare at me seem to always be older men.. Which I don't want any men staring at me anyways, but older men is just.. weird. I've gotten weird stares from them since I was 13, and it just makes me uncomfortable.
It's not surprising. Did you say you are 18? Any chance of getting a job where you can pay for better health insurance than you have at present? A surprising number of health insurance companies cover reductive mammoplasty.
My other suggestion is, ask your doctor. Just because your mom thinks your health insurance doesn't cover this procedure does not mean it doesn't. Double check.
It really is true that some men love them and I get saying that. And some women love them on themselves. But everyone is different with regards to how they feel about things.

What is your age?  AT some point you will have a job and your own insurance.  This would mean that what state you live in may not matter and you'll have better insurance coverage. A reduction would be something to talk to your doctor about now and work on if it is not currently covered. Do you have Medicaid or private insurance?  I would speak to your doctor if your ultimate goal is a reduction and then at least you know your options for sure.  But the problem is that your mom doesn't sound very motivated to help with the situation and there isn't much you can do then.  The best thing to do at that point is to get yourself set up for your adult independent life to take care of this on your own.  You sound mature and capable so that would be in a few years.  I had great insurance in my early 20's after college---  so do as best you can in school and get a solid education with that goal of having the kind of job that enables you to have whatever kind of surgery you need either because you can afford it or have insurance to cover it.  (I'm very big on setting goals being the best way to achieve things).  
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