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My areolas look wierd, should I be worried?

So graphic picture below, sorry about that.
I'm a 24 yo female, I'm a virgin so no pregnancies. My boobs have apparently always looked like this, the shape of the areola has always been slightly tilted, however, I recently noticed that my areolas don't have the "sharp" circle edges. Now, I know that a sign of breast cancer is Peau D’Orange, but the texture of my boobs is pretty smooth, so even though it kinda looks like that it doesn't feel like peau d'orange at all. It's just that I'm suddenly extremely aware of my areolas and nipples and I don't know if they look normal or not. There's no itching, pain, etc. Thank you!  

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Photobucket removed your photo, but that's okay, since no one can diagnose you with anything online.

Areolas come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, and if yours haven't changed, they're probably "normal", as in healthy and disease-free. It's good that they don't itch or hurt.

If you are concerned about yours, your doctor can check them out. That way you'll know that if anything changes from what you have now, you should get it checked.

Here's a decent article on what's normal and not, including a gallery that you for sure should not open at work  - https://www.self.com/story/9-weird-nipple-things-that-are-actually-totally-normal
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I agree that analyzing our bodies can be an exercise in self doubt at times when most things are perfectly normal.  IF your nipples have had a change, then it never hurts to get them checked out.  But this is likely just hormones playing a role.  Our hormones as they shift and change make our breasts change.  As to breast cancer, while it can happen to any woman, you are young and that wouldn't be my first thought.  :>)  Do you do self breast exams?  I think this article gives pretty good instructions on the right way to do it:  https://www.webmd.com/breast-cancer/breast-self-exam#1  Hopefully you also have an annual physical which your doctor should be doing a breast exam at that time.  When is the last time you saw your doctor?  
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Regarding your photo, you'll want to try something like imgur if you want to upload anonymous photos and not have them pulled down
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