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My breast (boob's) are itching!!!

I'm about to itch myself to death! I haven't changed detergent or anything. I am pms'n. Well, ovulating, I guess. I should start by the 28th. My boob's are getting tender and they itch so bad. I tried going in Walmart today. People probably thought i had a twitch or something. I kept doing that weird move , where you try your best to scratch something and it not be noticed. You all know how ya do it. lol I couldn't wait to get in the car!
  Mom told me to put more lotion on them. I have and it hasn't helped. I feel swollen all over too. Bloated I guess. so, what kind of lotion do you all use, or what do u think is causing me to itch? Oh yeah, i'm back on the sunflower seed's too. I can't live without'em!!
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Hey girl! I know how you feel!!! I get those too! most of the time when Im at work and there's millions of people around lol but you can't help it...I do the turn or move try to scartch without being obvious! lol it definetely drives you crazy, they also told me to put lotion on them I put aloe vera lotion and it helps a bit! but not much...I've gotten to the point to scratch so much I hurt myself! but I can't stand it! I don't know what other lotion would be best to use... =/
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I am itching really bad tonight. i put cocoa butter on me and it hasn't helped.This is miserable!  It hurts to scratch, but I have to.
   I do the walk too when my panties are in a wad. Try to hide in an isle, so I can pull it out. lol .
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Been there! done that! lol  don't you hate it when it happens??? doing the funny walk trying to see if it will fix itself??? but noooo gotta pull it out yourself lol
Im so sorry! I've been through that and even though I do the same thing and scratch to death! I tell you don't do it! it will make the itching worse! cocoa butter should help a bit, if you are able to don't wear anything over them! helps a bit not having anything touching them!  will power! don't scratch! ><
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oh, i'm tryin my best.It hurts!!! I guess i need to go to bed so I won't think about it. goin on 11 and gotta get up at 5. I need my beauty rest anyway. I have some aloe vera. I'll use it and see if it helps.I use it in the summer when i go to the beach. It rocks! I have an aloe plant, but that's a little gross.

Better go to bed. thanks for answering my post.

I'll check post again in morning. About six hours from now.
talk to ya'll later!
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Aloe should help! trust the plant even more! once my bf got sunburned really really bad! and normal aloe wouldn't help much or even caladryl for relieve and we used the plant! took the skin off and the inside put them all over his body! gross but it helped a lot!!!! he looked like a slimy monster but a pain free one! lol  hope the itching goes away! have a good night! =)
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Try rubbing alchol.(only if the skin isn't broken from scratching). It DEFF.work for me expec. with anything itchy like a spider bite,misq. Pour some on a cloth and rub over the entire spot(breast/nipple) it will kill the bacteria that is on the surface and DON'T ITCH!! It makes it worse. If it gets itchy again pour the rubbing alchol on again.It should stop right away.
Hope it works for you!!!
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