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My breast won't grow

Hey everyone . Im 17 years old girl,5,8 ,really skinny . i had my period when i was 11, my breast where growing but oneday i've injure them ,they hurt me so much and since then they didn't grow ,Im totaly flat . So Does the injure could cause the problem of being with no boobs for the rest of my life ?? PLZ Help
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no an injury to your breasts is not likely to hamper development, the size of your boobs is determined mostly by genetics and your diet can play a big role as well, so if your mother or your dad's side of the family has small breasts chances are you will too, and if your really skinny your body might not have enough fat to accumulate in the first place, keep on a healthy but not limited diet and ask your doctor what a healthy weight for you should be because chances are if it's not a genetic problem then you most likely are underweight (a problem for a number of reasons)
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In addition to what Jclover said, if you are extremely athletic sometimes that can lower certain hormones or your fat count to the point that, although you are very healthy you're just naturally small. Definitely talk to a doctor if you feel uncomfortable about it, but it's possible that you're just naturally small.
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