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Hi Lienka,

I have read your post on the above mentioned forum. I am 27 and was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis at the age of 7. It was smaller then, now it is grad 2/3 on the level L5/S1, so I just as yours.

I am writing to you because I have exactly the same concern. Will the pregnancy increase the slippage and cause all the consequences (bladder problems, pain)? It has been already a year since you posted your question so I thought I could ask if you have decided to have a baby or the surgery? Or both?

As far as I am concerned, I am very afraid of such a surgery, this is a serious one. And I am also confused by various opinions. The surgeons want a surgery, the physiotherapists say there are other ways (exercises, no heavy items lifting, sitting in a right position, etc.). I have however heard (from a physiotherapeut), that if I want a surgery, then I should wait 2 years afterwards before getting pregnant.

I have also consultet a very famous physiotherapeut in Poland (where I am from :) ) and he, after consulting a surgeon, said a surgery would be a must before pregnancy. Then I asked him what he would recomend to his daughter (I knew he had one my age), should she was in such a condition. After consideration, he said, he would recommend against a surgery, but I should excercise regularly, everyday, 30-60minutes, drink at least 2 l od water (to avoid disc dehydrating) and... eat jelly. He said it could be helpful for a disc and therefore prevent from the furthure slippage. Then he also added, that in case of spondylolisthesis there are some 'loose' parts of bones 'around' the slippage, as this is a process of bone-on-bone friction. The same situation as if one brokes their leg - the new bone cells are being produced and the parts of bones get 'linked back'. He suggested that the same can happen in the L5/S1 area. It just needs time, but it then seems to be a natural stabilisation as I understand.

Another opinion - from my gyn, the lady is in charge of a large oncologycal unit in the Oncology Clinic in Warsaw, experienced doctor. She said, that the doc should officialy state if pregnancy is contraindicated. What is your experience? Has anyone told you that..?
She also told me that she has a patient who had a car accident at the beginning of pregnancy and her pelvis got cracked. She had to lay all her pregnancy, had a caesarean section at the end and has a healthy baby! So that is quite promising.

What I have heard commonly is that I would need to spen my pregnancy lying down (if without surgery).

I have also heard that it might be transferred genetically. But I am not sure how well confirmed medically this theory is. My Mum has s. grade 1, but the truth is that this is not as uncommon 'disease' as people think.

Hope my massage was in any way helpful for you.

If you had time to write few words about what you have found out about having children in our situation, I would by very grateful.

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