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My girlfriend is having a lot of issues

My girlfriend is on the pill

She had her period last week, it finished on sunday

We went out for my birthday on wednesday, and had sex twice on thursday morning and afternoon respectively.

Today, she has experienced vaginal bleeding, feeling nauseous, light headed, she has a lot of cramps

She missed her pill on wednesday, but has been on it for around 6 months

any idea what it might be??
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She is probably reacting to missing that pill. Did she take 2 on Thursday? She likely did not get pregnant and pregnancy doesn't have those sorts of symptoms immediately following but her hormones are messed up. I'd use back up birth control like condoms right now and she needs to stay regular on her pill. Remember, you can only get pregnant if you ovulate and the pill prevents ovulation through hormone manipulation. If she keeps having symptoms/issues- she should talk to her doctor. And if you fear pregnancy which j doubt she is, she can take an st home urine test 2.5 weeks after the day this happened.
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