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My husband was diagnosed with epiditimus, is it contagious to me?

is it an std?
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Hi, rhe epididymus is just the name of a tube in the scrotal area. Do you mean he was diagnosed with epididymitis? That's an inflammation of the tube.

Epididymitis is most often caused by a bacterial infection. Sometimes the infection that causes the problem  can be one that is sexually transmitted, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. Other times, the cause is never known. Some chronic cases can last six weeks.

Your husband should have been given information from his doctor about what this means in terms of sex with you. If you don't feel you can ask him, I'm thinking it's puzzling that you would be wanting to have sex with him, but if you are still having sex and he won't tell you if the doctor tested him for an STD or not, you might consider using condoms, and possibly getting tested for STDs yourself.
Funny you say that. The er dr did not tell him it could be both Stds, I found the info when I got home to read what he had. We had sex the night before he started to pee blood. So I just thought it was a Uti.
ER doctors are not supposed to be regular doctors, they are supposed to basically perform emergency medicine for people who have emergencies. It's not surprising that an ER doc would not act like his general practitioner or your ob/gyn and give out analysis and background information and prescribe long-term care, usually they just say to go to one's regular doc for that. He should check in with his regular doctor and see if together they can figure out what kind of bacterial infection he has. If you and he are clear that he had no way to have gotten a STD, maybe that is not necessary to worry about.
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He had e coli bacteria in his urine.
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