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My perineum is swollen and sore.

I have been with my boyfriend for only a few days. We have had sex only 2 times since we have been together. Yesterday morning I noticed that it burnt when I went to the bathroom. So I felt a little down there and noticed that I was swollen. I took a mirror and looked and my Perineum is swollen all the way to inside my vagina. I don't know exactly what has caused this, but it hurts to even sit down sometimes.
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also, I've been on Antibiotics for 3 days. Does that have something to do with it?
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Hi, I've been suffering with this myriad of symptoms off and on now for around 9 months. Right now my perineum is swollen, around my anus towards my vagina and I have a have a tiny tear half way between my vagina and anus.

This tear seems to come and go every few months or so. Always in the exact same place. It seems aggravated by coffee and I often have diarrhea at the same time. I can often get it to go away by avoiding acid foods, but if I don't it wont heal at all.

I also have had some itching around my anus and in my labia. I thought it might be pinworms and early signs of a yeast infection, but I took pinworm meds and put vagisil cream on my labia and it didn't really go away. Vaginal itching is definetly worse if I eat any sugar.

I had this all looked at by my doc 9 months ago, and she said it looked like a yeast thing, definitely not and STD. At the time I did have a yeast infection for sure, but even though I've treated it twice I get itching any time I eat sweets. I even did a 4 month candida/parasite cleanse, eating a very strict diet and taking black walnut and wormwood, but even being very strict I still had some itching.

Does this seem like a yeast infection, and if so why won't it go away? Maybe it's hemorrhoids? Anal fissures? A combination? Before this I never had any of these problems. Help!

Note: the candida diet is no sugar, sweets or fruit, no white flours, no wheat, low gluten in general, no fermented foods. Also, to try to alkalize the system; no tomatoes, no coffee no black or green tea. And lots of lime water.
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I went in and had it looked at 3 days ago and the Doc said she could be wrong, but it looks like yeast and herpes. (It's really hard to see the sores without getting closer than I can myself) She did a swab/culture test and a blood test and I'm waiting for the results. If it is herpes it's important to get it tested while you have symptoms. Better to know than worry. I really hope it's not and I've read that yeast can cause these same symptoms so hopefully that's what we have.
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Dear Alaska Lady,

You asked a question / posed a problem, and I don't presume to know the correct answer, but we are here to provide food for thought, so here goes:

Let's be frank, friends. I had the exact same condition in my forties when my hubs grew a very chic and fashionable stubbly goatee like Pierce Brosnan. He's Irish & handsome and looks just like the actor (in his own mind! LOL). Anyhow, whenever we made love during that time, his raspy chin wore away some very pink and sensitive parts of me and it was the least bit fun the next morning! Dermabrasion to a redhead's mucosa is a supremely bad idea, and is one way to exacerbate the type of condition you've described. Just food for thought.

PS, I got him back big time when I shaved my vaginal lips. He told his co-workers he had a "shaving accident with an alergy) We are now old, poor, hairy, and happy! No more chapped faces or perineums (perinea?).

I hope I was not too flippant to you, Dear, but you just have to laugh to keep from crying, and keep learning to stay breathing!!!
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Update: It was genital herpes this time only. I found out who I got it from, but the yeast made me suseptable and more likely to have gotten it.
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I am an 18 year old female. I find it hard passing faeces, when I need to pass a stool I get a bulge in the skin between the vagina and anus, it can be a little bit painful and I have to press on it in order to move the faeces to be pooped out. I sometimes have to push on it a few times to get all the faeces out. Do you know what this could be?

I also have not had a child, been pregnant, had an infection down below or injured it.
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