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My vagina has been itching since I began puberty.

OK, a little backstory. I began menstruating when I was 9 and during that time I developed a strange and CONSTANT itching around my vagina. I am 23 now, I was diagnosed with PCOS. I had the surgery to removes the cyst however, the itching persists! I've been to numerous doctors, been prescribed every antibiotic on the shelf, changed my eating habits, I only drink water(it's really a preference thing), I've changed the products I use to bathe with, the types of clothes I wear including my underwears, I wash her 4 times a day and change underwear each time. I have tried everything and honestly, I'm at my wit's end. This is truly affecting me mentally and emotionally and I really need help because I am tired of the gynaecologist telling me it's an infection.

Please help me.
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Hi. Did they ever check for yeast infection?  Most likely yes. If you eat a diet high in sugar can sometimes cause imbalance of good vs bad bacteria.
One great product that has helped many women with itchiness of the vagina is taking probiotocs daily.many doctors nowadays prescribe or recommend woman take probiotics after taking antibiotics in order to balance things out again. I even inserted a few probitics into my vagina to help get rid of yeast infection. Plus I take it everyday. Hadn't had yeast infection since a long time. It's worth a try and won't harm.  Go for the best brand with high numbers of a mixed bacteria ie: acidophilus and bifidus...i love these little critters as they truly do a big part in keeping us healthy. I hope it helps. One last thing. Does your vagina have an unpleasant odor that is persistent?  If yes look up bacterial vaginosis....i had it for years...but pro biotics got rid of it. Good luck dear. My advice is not a diagnosis.
Wow! You can get a yeast infection when you're nine?! Thank you! I will consult with a doctor about this. I do have a diet high in sugar (it's my weakness) and yes, I do have a vaginal odor that's persistent.
Hi. If the odor is fishy. Then it may possibly be Bacterial Vaginosis.  Has some similar symptoms like a yeast Infection but its bacterial. If the doc gives you antibiotics for Bacterial Vaginosis,  it will only get rid of it for a week or two.and will be right back again. Its caused by an imbalance of good n bad natural bacteria and the bad is winning.  When we take antibiotics, they kill not only the bad bacteria but the good ones as well.  We need both.  But we need them in balance.so to replace the good ones we do that with probiotics.  Please trust me on this. Continued in next text.cont...
Cont... If you haven't already got tested I recommend asking your doctor to send you for a glucose tolerance or glucose fasting test.  You may have sugar intolerance.  Sugar is pure poison for many of us unfortunately. Sugar is my biggest weakness also. Sadly wether it torturers us in the process we must eat less of it.  I know from experience that once I had to cut down my craving for sugar went way downhill. It doesn't happen overnight. But you can bake stuff with splenda. I have PCOS to. If you are over weight let me know I have a great tip that works. Cont
Cont.....yes 9 year old girls and even babies n infants can have a yeast infection.  Many reasons for that.
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