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Navel Pain - What is it?

Hi, I have a been experiencing pain in my navel for about two weeks now.  It's happened once in the past (3 months ago?), but I thought it was caused by wearing jeans that were too tight (the button pressing into my abdomen in the belly button area).  The pain went away and I didn't think twice about it afterwards.

The pain returned about two weeks ago.  It's not intense, but more like an uncomfortable "pressure."  It occurs if I bend over, lean forward, or stretch.  It also occurs while lying in bed, if I turn over to lay on either side.  If my waistband touches my navel, or if I brush against it by accident, it hurts.

There is no discharge or bad smell coming from my abdomen.  I'm pretty sure it's not appendicitis (since I've had this for weeks now with no severe complications).  However, when I try to look inside my navel (I have an innie), it appears to be swollen in the lower part of the navel.  I pressed on it yesterday and it was firm (not rock hard) and caused discomfort.

Does anyone have any idea of what this may be?  I was going to go to my doctor last week, but it felt like it was going away so I cancelled the appointment.  Now it's back and seems like it's getting worse.  Any help will be appreciated - thanks!
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could it be infected? that can happen. maybe gently clean w. a cotton ball/q-tip and alcohol? what about a pimple, ingrown hair in there? can that happen? i would imagine it hurts since its such a sensitive area. make another appointment.
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sounds alot like an umbilical hernia. press your hand firmly on your belly button and bear down like your having a bowel movement, sometimes you will be able to feel it "pop" against your hand. i have had 4 in the past 2 years and let me tell ya they are no fun.
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I went to my OBGYN yesterday and she said it's not an umbilical hernia (which I was afraid of).  She said an umbilical hernia would be pretty obvious.  She referred me to 3 other IM physicians; the only reason I went to my OBGYN was because the first general practitioner I called told me to go see my OBGYN - go figure.

So I'm hoping that it's just a pimple or even an infection that I can cure w/antibiotics - it's better than some of the other stuff I've been reading.  I think I'll clean it everyday, give it 'til Monday and if it's still not gone, I'll go to the doc again.

Meanwhile, if there are any other theories out there, please feel free to share them w/me.  Thanks!
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I am having the exact same pain you are describing.  It is not painful enough to run to the ER, but I made an appointment for Thursday.  It is very strange.  It hurts the most when I push in the innie and right above it.  My stomach also feels a bit bloated and I feel a little sick to my stomach, not bad, just uncomfortable.  I also thought of a hernia???  I guess I'll find out more when I go to the doc.
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Did you get any answers - I'm in the same situation - have been to the reg doc and OB.
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I just saw a new doctor yesterday.  He said it's a type of umbilical hernia.  It does not protrude - in this case it's a small hole.  It is changing the shape of the skin around my navel.
I see a surgeon next week.
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