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Need Help. Herpes or Yeast?

I have been sexually inactive for over a year.  
I recently had a one night stand, used a condom, and I was very dry (I think because of birth control) .. Since I was so dry the condom broke and then we preformed oral.  I was drunk and then I realized he tried to have unprotected sex and our genitals touched but he did not penetrate. Once I realized he tried to do that I left.
- The next day I was very sore which I assumed was from dry sex and being sexually inactive for over a year.
- 2 days later I was very sore and began feeling horrible intense itching.  I looked with a mirror and saw white discharge inside, not necessarily oozing out.  I used to get yeast infections all the time, and they looked like that so I assumed it was a yeast infection
- On the 3rd day I went to the store and got Monistat. The Monistat did not help at all and I was going crazy so I called my dr. that same day and he prescribed me diflucan.
- The 4th day no better.
- The 5th day (today) I was still no better so I called the gyno and she took a culture swab to see what it could be.  I feel the itching has slightly diminished but is still here. It's burning too. So I would say I'm horribly uncomfortable and maybe even in pain.  But tonight when I was looking I found little red dots on the labia and a blister like mark inside the labia.  

I am freaking out that this could be herpes. Is it too soon after my sexual encounter or could blisters and symptoms appear that quickly?  Does it sound like BV and yeast mix? What happens if the dry sex made lesions on my vagina and then I got an infection in them?

Someone please help.  Regardless of what my gyno says she is not a good one and I don't trust that she even saw the blister, she only swabbed and left.  I'm looking for another gyno.  But these itching and burning symptoms are driving me crazy, I am so uncomfortable, and even have trouble sleeping.  I have laid around the past 5 days and the thought of standing for hours at work tomorrow is frightening.  Please help
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Hello yes it could be the BV and yeast mixed. However im not sure it would be herpes being that it's so soon. It maybe Chlamydia try to relax until samples come back.
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Thank you for your input, you have no idea how much I appreciate it.  
The itchiness for the most part has stopped and I am now only left with consistent pain (similar to feeling as if a needle is poking it), and then burning when I pee sometimes.
I do agree and think I had yeast and I'm hoping to get the results back today with BV positive.  If I have to wait for the results over the weekend it will kill me.
But thank you so much for your input.
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