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Need a answer

Ive been off of depo provera for a week now my nipples were sore before i got off i thought depo couldve caused it and i had unproted sex about 3-4 days ago and my nipples still hurt but my boobs feel heavy and look bigger and i feel bloated too could i be pregnant
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Shame you didn't go to the doctor and get the emergency contraception pill to take within 72 hours of having had unprotected sex.

It is too early so say whether you are pregnant or not.

It is highly likely that this may not be a pregnancy, but more to do with a period that may come soon.  It is very common to get these types of symptoms even as long as 10 days before a period.  It is referred to as premenstrual tension (PMT) sometimes also called premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Eating a healthy and well balanced diet and cutting out junk, processed and sugary foods will help for the future as well as taking Evening Primrose Oil which can be purchased from large supermarkets and from a health shop.

The earliest that I know about getting a home pregnancy test done that claims to be 98% accurate, is 8 days after conception.  I cannot remember the name of that testing kit, it is one I saw the other day at the pharmacy.  So do read the packet to know when to do the test to get an accurate reading.  Some pharmacies offer a pregnancy testing service and so does your doctor, so do ask the pharmacist the cost and when how long after having unprotected sex would give an accurate result.

At this moment in time, it is far too early, even with the symptoms that you have, to know whether you are pregnant or not.

Best wishes.
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Thank you iill post back when i get results
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Hope you will be OK.
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To me, it sounds like you are about to get a period and this is due to hormonal changes from going of the depo.  You would not have breast changes related to pregnancy a few days after unprotected sex.  good luck
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