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Negative Prenancy Tests

Hi everyone my name is Tracy, I am so confused I was diagnosed with endometriosis about a year & half ago and I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 years,,,I have had 1 cyst removed in 1995 and partial ovary removal, then a myomectomy (Removal of Fibroid Tumour) in June/06 and another cyst removed June/07 before this I was so irregular with my periods and they lasted 2 weeks and very, very heavy....I have been to different Fertility specialists since 2005, but because of all my issues I was starting to give up on getting pregnant and when I found out I had endometriosis I was ready to throw in the towel....I stopped taking the fertility drugs about 9 months ago.But I take Tordal for pain...Since January my cycle has been mostly regular for me anyways, I get it every 21 days and only late once 2 days and it only lasts a couple of days impossible to know when ovulating ,,,but usually severe heavy, massive amounts of pain, bed ridden and cant go to work, but  I had intercourse with my husband on July 27th before my cycle was due, (cycle due July 30th) spotting only then my cycle was a couple days late but I only got 1/2 the cycle I'm used too with not too much pain. I usually get heavy, heavy bleeding with very large blood clots. About 2 weeks before my booked vacation I had horrible insomnia, nausea,heartburn, boobs bigger & constant going to the bathroom. Then my last cycle which was due on Aug 19th was 9 days late and my husband & I took a mini vacation to the states for a couple of days on August 28th & August 29th I got minor brown/pink spotting on the first day we were away with tons of nausea and dizziness making it difficult to shop. Many different cravings & different smells set me off and I cant eat eggs. On the way home I was so sick with the nausea/throwing up so my husband and my friend told me to take a pregnancy test...Since then I have taken 6 negative hpt and 2 blood tests at Doctors 1 negative & 1 unknown yet and now I have an ultrasound booked for Sept 15th and I still have symptoms....This would make me 7 Weeks pregnant could it be possible I'm pregnant with low hcg levels.......Im very, very confused & nervous about my ultrasound...Does anyone have any advise??? Thanks
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OMG I'm at the same point well except I dont have endometriosis, but from reading the internet I believe you still can have negative tests at 7 weeks pregnant as it depends on your own bodies regulation of the hormone that you provide for your child. I have also taken countless hpts which have all proved negative, however I guess waiting 7 more days or 14 more and then taking an hpt will prove the findings that or you will start your period which possibly could mean a miscarriage. I'm really hoping i'm pregnant as well as you I've had many symptoms and hope that low hcg levels are the only concern so unfostunately im not much help lol but ill hold ur hand as we walk down this path together :D
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you are going tomorrow for the test, good luck.  have them test your progestorone levels ASAP and ask them to give you a percription just in case.  that is the one thing that goes undetected. i had short cycles and had one mc and now i am 4 weeks pregnant and i think it has a lot to do with the progetorone that they put me on.  it is helping me to carry the pregnancy.  good luck :)  all of your signs sound good
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Thanks for the input and I really hope for the best with you as well...I will definately post it tomorrow no matter what the results....I hope that I am....I have been trying and would like something positive to go my way....Well I'm not much help either....this is very confusing for me....but I will go tomorrow with a positive attitude maybe that will help!!!
good luck with you D.....

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I am going tomorrow for sure, but thanks for the info...I will definately ask them to test my progetorone levels and ask for a prescription in case.... I'm happy and excited for you.....I think we can all use some positivity no matter what! I want it so bad but I have to be realistic just in case...but I really feel pregnant......I'll try not to think too much and just go in with an open mind....

Good luck and best wishes with your pregnancy!!!

:) S
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