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Never ending period

Im 26 years old and have had my period almost constantly for the last 2 years. Once a month it will lighten up to spotting for a day or two but then it goes right back to a normal flow. Once every 2 or 3 months it will be super heavy. Ive gotten pretty used to this but what really concerns me is the fact that I'm NOT on ANY form of birth control: pills, shot, iud, condoms, or anything else and I have never gotten pregnant. (I was on the patch for about 6 months when I was 19 years old but stopped that because it caused extreme cramps, which Ive never had before or since.)  Ive had 2 partners in the last 6 years, both of whom never used a condom. My boyfriend has 2 daughters with his ex-wife so I know the problem isnt with him. Currently I'm not concerned about not being able to get pregnant, but one day I will be :(  I am uninsured and have no money to go to the doctor. If anyone knows what could be causing the constant periods and the inability to get pregnant, I would greatly appreciate it.
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I would most definitely go to the doctor or research it to the fullest extent you could find.
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Currently I cant go to the doctor because I'm an unemployed college student with no insurance. I've tried researching it but all I can find are similar issues facing women who are on birth control. I bleed all the time, am not on birth control and apparently cant get pregnant. I know a very young girl who has had long-lasting, painful periods but isnt sexually active. She went to the doctor and found out she doesnt produce eggs and will never be able to have children. I really hope thats not the case with me.
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