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New and unsightly facial hair?

Hey all, wasn't really sure where to post this one or actually I
m not even sure if this topic is appropriate for this site. But, this problem has me worried.

Aside from the normal areas facial hair and the not so obvious peach fuzz tend to grow.  My face has begun growing very obvious hair underneath my eyes beginning about a quarter inch below the lower eyelids which continues down and fills the width of my cheeks.  These hairs are long enough to easily grab with tweezers and gives my face a blotchy 5 o-clock shadow.  At this point I can not hide this with make up, and am too afraid to epilate.  I am 23 years old with no history of major trauma or illness to date.  The problem began about 3 to 6 months ago, but only in the last 3 weeks has it become more apparent and more of a problem.  Any ideas as to what might be causing this, or know of any safe ways to remove it?  
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I wouldn't get rid of it until you show your doctor.  It could be a hormonal issue or something else.  I know heredity can also come into play with hair issues, but I would think that you would have seen it before this if that were the case and not so suddenly.  Let someone look at it, preferably a health care professional before you let a cosmetician look at it.  Their first reaction is going to be to get rid of it and you could have some underlying medical reason for it.  I wouldn't worry too much about it, though.
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i had also heard this can be hormone related.  definitely a dr related situation.
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i definatly think it's hormonal, i think your dr. can check your levels of certain hormones thru blood work
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it could be a result of hightened testosterone levels in your body, wich could mean a drop in estrogen levels, you need to speak to your doctor about it. He/she may put you on estrogen pills or progestrin pills.
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Go to a doctor.  Go to a certified electrolysis.  Tweezing only increases hair growth.
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