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Nipple discharge - then it felt like a lump "popped"

My right nipple has been discharging a thick, sticky, yellowish substance spontaneously.  I figured it was an infected milk duct and wasn't worried.  Then, my breast (around and behind my nipple) got very itchy.  I found the "bump" I thought was infected and was "expressing" the infection - it relieved the itching.  Well, all of a sudden, the "bump" felt like it "popped."  Now, no more expressing and no more bump.  Have I totally screwed up?!?!
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I would go to the doctors.  You could have an infection and it will only go away with antibiotics.
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i agree you need to see the doctor on this one, clogged ducks are very painful, i got them a few times, i got a white lump on the tip of the nipple that "popped" while i was in the shower, after that the pain went away, hopefully its something as minor as that,

oh just to add, i stopped nursing about 2 months ago and where i had my nipples peirced (i went through a rebelious stage lol) i still get thick white discharge from their, im guessing its old milk,
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I have been dealing with an infected milk duck.  They cut me to release the infection and I had to have a nurse come twice a day to change packing.  The the infection came back and i went in for surgery.  they removed the infection and milk ducks. It had never stopped draining.  Now it is infected again.  nurse came this morning to pack me.  talking about pain.  Has this ever happed to you?  Can anyone give me any ideas?  HELP HELP

Very concerned mom
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