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Nipple discharge and other problems

About 4 years ago I started to have thick white puss looking discharge from one side of one of my nipples. At the time it would only happen every couple of mnths. My ob said it was just like a pimple and nothing to worry about. About 2 yrs ago the discharge got more often. About 6 mnths ago I got a hard knot on the side of my nipple and my whole breast hurt so bad even to lay on. I stuck a safety pin (not smart I know..lol) in the knot and tons of dark green puss came out. Now it is getting to where the thick white pus comes out everyday and occasionaly clear discharge mixed with blood comes out. Not all of the lump on the nipple went away and my breast is now shrinking alot smaller than the other. When I raise my arms it is like 1/3 the size of the other. My Aunt died of breast cancer. I have a dif. ob now. She has put me on 2 rounds of antibotics and it didn't help. She freaked out the other day. The main ob said to do a thyroid and pit. gland test on me and asked me how old I was now. Those came back normal. For the last 2 mnths there has been a hard lump in the side of my breast. It does not move and feels like it is close to my bones. To feel it you have to press hard. Can anyone tell me what this maybe...and a name of the condition you think it may be. Thank you
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I am such a dork...I meant to post this under the breast cancer forums...sorry guys!
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