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No Period/Pelvic Ultrasound

hey everybody!!!

well i haven't had my period for like a year or two....and well, i've had a couple spottings but i think it's just from "going to hard at sex?" well anyways, me and my fiance were trying for a baby in august and i took a pregnancy test and nothing then again at the beginning of september and nothing. so FINALLY i got the guts to go to a health place and i went in about 3 weeks ago and they were taking my blood test and a pregnancy test and i just went back wensday of this week and they said everything looked good. so then, i had to take another pregnancy test and anothing blood test (but it was on my middle finger?? WEIRD!?) and they had to do a pelvic exam and breast exam. finally, at the end they gave me pills to start my period and i have to take 2 of them for 5 days and then after that they said if i get my period i take the BCPS they gave me. but, if i don't start then i got to go back. well, then my doctor schedule me to this other doctor so they can do a PELVIC ULTRASOUND.....hmmm...i'm VERY worried!!! (that's on monday..THIS MONDAY!!) i'm nervous..i dunno why but i just want to know what's wrong and why i'm not getting my period! before.....like a couple weeks ago i had light pink and light brown spotting....NEVER had that before and i told my doctor that.....so i dunno..anybody have some WORDS for me????....

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Dont be nervous you might need a BNC just to clean out the pelvic. Some time the Doctor dont no what wrong with you so would need a ultrasound. you should have gone to the GYN when you didnt see your period for the first 2 month and you wasnt pregnant simple things like that will caused problem and block the pelvic. I hope its not some type of uterine problem the will caused you cant get pregnant. Best of lock to you and trye not to think negative and stop tyring so haed to have a baby just relax and stop think about in time it will happend God bless you
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aw thank you steph! i hope i can get pregnant. if i can't that would be horrible! but, i will let you know what happends tomorrow or sooner.

i'm trying to stay positive!

right now, i'm taking pills thats suppost to help me start my period.....tomorrows the last day so im "hoping" i start tomorrow if not, then i gotta go back to the doctors again.. =/


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ok...well my doctor gave me some progesterone pills...that i have to take for 5 days.....and well, it's been since thursday that i took them and i had to take 2 for 5 days..it's now MONDAY...and no period!!!.....mannn, im so pissed. so then today i went to my pelvic ultrasound...and they did all that...and i gotta get the results in 3 days.....!!
then the 26 i get my results for my pelvic exam....sooo now i gotta RESCHEDULE to see my other doctor because i haven't start my period!!.....so confusing!!!
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well, i finally started my period today!! yayayaya....now i can start the bc pills!! i'm excited! to finally get my cycle back on track!!....

they did find out that my uterus is split... =/ wow,......it's just a little....so that means that if i did get pregnant that i would either have a misscarage or early birth... =/ aw man, so yeah...but i can fix it with a gyno....specialist....so i might go to them to see what they can do.....and other then that...im good....but yeah!
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