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No baby :(

So im really bumed out got my blood test came out negative and then the next day I started cramping and bleeding , No explanation to why my period came super late they said stress but I wasn't stressed out at all , The nurse said that sometimes getting your period late or starting a whole different cycle  just happens to some woman nothing to be alarmed about  .So now I am officially on day one of my first blood ,im going to monitor it and hopefully it will start regularly from now on .So my next period should be around the end of Febuary, I cried  alot cause I was really wanting to hear some better news ,but I told myself to be strong and keep on trying . I bought a Basil Thermometer and my husband just got his sperm count checked ,We are gonna keep trying untill it happens thanks  everyone for your support. Its made this alot easier.
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Sorry to hear that, hopefully ull b pregnant soon :)

My blood test has come bk i have an app tomoro morning to find out if i am pregnant or not... Im really scared .... got mad anxiety all i keep doing is crying... im a month late for my period. i have majority of pregnancy symptoms except for actually vomiting and sore breasts.

My period have always been kinda irregular although i know wen roughly im going to come on, wen i first moved to my university i didnt come on for 3 months that was the only even time i never came on for so long, but i knew i wasn't pregz coz i wasn't having sex around those times. Im over a month late getting mild cramps lower stomach and feel very nauseous wen i eat or wen i wake up in the morning or in the evening wen lying in bed.

If test comes bk negative tomoro i dnt knw what im gna do... i really want this.

all the best to u :)
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Hi Pielyn,

I am so sorry.....  Next time!  You and hubby keep trying :)  
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Thanks we are really motivated and positive to  keep trying .
My body felt like it wanted to be pregnant maby I just got to exited next time for sure I will know now through this experience. You sound like there is a very good chance that you could be pregnant. Im really hoping that you are , last yr my period was kinda irregular too now its back on track so just keep your head up and try not to think so much about it or you will end up stressing your body out and become tired. I know what its like to feel like this and want it so bad you get very emotional I cried alot too , just relax and have fun . Keep me posted ill be thinking of you :)
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Thanks im really taking this as a positive and I will definitly still be  trying :)
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