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No period 3 months after D&C?

Hello ladies, I am a 30 year old female, 300+lbs @ 6'1 I am diagnosed with DI (Diabetes Insipidus). I found out I was pregnant May 2015 but unfortantly it was ectopic and I had to have my entire right tube removed. My husband and I found out again I was pregnant Feb 4th 2017. unfortantly due to my diabetes insipidus and obesity my doctor suggested it wasn't a good time to be pregnant until I lost the weight, and I did not go thru with the pregnancy. A D&C was preformed Feb 12th 2017 I was only 3-4weeks pregnant. I didn't have much bleeding or cramping after the surgery, but a few days later (Feb 15th 11pm to be exact) I was laying down and a gush of blood and cramps just creeped up on me (sorry for graphicity) I bled for 5 days HEAVY...but then stopped. I followed up with my gyno 2 days after the bleeding stopped and he did a pregnancy test and of course it was still positive, but the ultra sound was clear. The beginning of march (approx 2 weeks after my first gyno visit) I visited my gyno again and he did a preg test which was negative at this point.. no ultra sound, but said my normal period should arrive in a month or so. I continued my normal routine everyday and sometime that week my husband and I had sex and the condom broke! Well, as a responsible adult I went and bought plan b (approx 7 hrs after sex) and went on my merry way. Well 2 weeks went by in march and my husband and I had had sex again and the condom decided to stay inside in. I am having no luck with these condoms and due to my obesity the gyno does not want me on the pill and I can't start the mirena until my period starts! Ok, so we panicked again and took a emergency contraceptive called ella one. (It was free at planned parenthood) I had no symptoms with it, but 3 weeks later I took a pregnancy test and it was negative (but still no period) now, my husband and I aren't even having sex because we are scared of the condom issue and its ruining our marriage. So to take a longer story short, I have not had a period since 2/12/17. Besides the heavy bleeding 2/15-2/20. Which the gyno said it was only discharge from the D&C. My last preganancy test was 4/17/17. Negative. My last blood test was 4/3/17 and an ultra sound was 4/7/17. All were clear and negative.

As of today 4/24 I am approx 10 weeks no period. The last time I had intercourse (and the condom broke) was 3/23 that is 33 days ago and I've taken ella the same day, all my tests, blood tests and ultrasound were negative and clear. I am having slight cramps here and there, loose bowel movements as well. And bloatedness. My question is ...is this normal? 10 weeks after a D&C no period? No spotting? But crampy. The gyno prescribed me provera last week....I took 4 pills (I was supposed to take the whole 10 for 10 days) but I had breathing issues and he told me to stop. I really want my period to start so I could go on mirena. Has anyone experienced this. I have looked up issues such as ammenorra...ashmens syndrome...etc. This isn't my first D&C. I had one at 17 years old as well. Maybe I have excess scar tissue? I am lost. Help please!!!
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If you think about terminating a pregnancy and what this does to your hormones, it is very common to be late after.  You go from producing increasing numbers of pregnancy hormones to an abrupt change.  So, I'd guess that this is not unusual to be without a period for a couple of months or so after. If it goes to three months, call your doctor.  They may want to do something to kick start it again.  good luck
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