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No period after Tubal

Hello, it has been a almost a year since I have had a cesarean followed with a tubal ligation. I have had random lower abdominal cramps that will not go away without straightening out my torso. Mind you after the doctor performed a TL, on my left side it was swollen and hurt worse than the other side as if an ovary was removed. It did not feel right. Nor have I had a period following those surgeries. Also when I get up from bed after laying for a length of time my three middle toes go numb as well as tingling of my feet. None of this has ever occurred until I had a tubal. Any ideas as to why? Any input is greatly appreciated.
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Hi.  Welcome.  This sounds really strange.  So, first, you had a baby a year ago and haven't had a period since.  Are you still nursing or something?  I know I nursed one child for what felt like eons and it wasn't until about 6 weeks after I weaned him that I got my period.  So, just wondering if you are in that boat.  Things that can cause the pelvic pain after tubal are cysts, adhesions or fibroids (but you'd likely have bleeding with fibroids).  The middle toe going numb.  Not to scare you but there can be nerve injury after a tubal.  Have you been to your doctor for a pelvic and to discuss these issues?
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Yes I am still nursing my LO. I have gone to the doctor about three months after my six week check up and told my doctor that I have not had a period.  He said for me to come back if I have not had one after six months. My feet issue, I didn't think of talking about it then as there was so much going on. I never got to talk to him about that.  I have grown concerned that what I am experiencing is not normal and I know I really can't afford to have some unexpected medical emergency.  I also do not want to talk to the doctor whom did my tubal. We haven't seen eye to eye.
Oh, okay. That makes sense then. I literally had no period until I had the baby off the boob.  lol  That's normal. Do you have another doctor to go to then?  I think I'd mention the toe going numb.  A lot of time a nerve injury can get better.  But you want to have doctor guidance.  It shouldn't turn into a medical emergency, I wouldn't be so worried about that but just that it shouldn't be happening.  So, let me know if you have a regular doctor to go to.
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