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No period for 2 years

Hi I am 17 years old and stopped getting my period 2 years ago due to diet of 1200 calories and losing about 5kg (yES not much but I’m not sure why I don’t lose weight easily) however since a month I have upped my intake to about 2000 calories but not gradually and gained VERY quickly 6kgs!!!!! And still NO period. But I am getting cramps? And acne? And my boobs have grown? I am also taking Vitex (Agnes Castus) but not sure if it helps or I should stop? The question is should I eat at maintenance of 1800 calories or have 2000+ and is what I gained all fat?!!!! It’s scaring me so bad. I have been to a doctor and will get a gyno call me soon but I’m becoming impatient and scared it will never return even though I feel soooo fat :(
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Well, our hormones will fluctuate with weight changes, either gaining or losing (as in it can make our cycle longer).  BUT, there may be other things going on.  Maybe you can't lose weight easily and gain easily because of underlying factors that ALSO Contribute to the lack of period.  PCOS is one as is hypothyroidism.  With these, extra weight is common and lack of period is also common.

I would get a full physical.  I would discuss your caloric intake and find a healthy way to eat a balanced diet with the right amount of calories (plus the right amount of physical activity) to maintain good health, have some blood work done to check hormone levels and your thyroid.  

Calories really don't determine if you get your period or not.  You most likely have other things going on.  good luck
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