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No period for over three months, pregnancy symptoms, negative test

I feel like I'm gonna go insane.
I am 28 and have been on lo estrin (junel fe, the generic actually) for like a year. Since I have been on it, my period has been regular, till November. I started having sex with this guy in November, unprotected, no pulling out or anything. Well then my period didnt come that month.
It's Feb. 16th, my last period was exactly 3 months ago Nov. 16th.
I have had a ton of urine tests. At home and at the doctors. All negative. One blood test like a month ago, also negative.
I have been crazy moody, I literally cry daily about anything. I'm just very sensitive. My boobs are always sore. I was nauseous, but that quit a couple weeks ago. And has since been replaced with headaches. Was tired a lot too, but I feel like that is slowly getting better.
I have cramps all the time. Right now it feels sore down by my ovaries like I worked out, but I haven't. Like its stretching or sumthing.  I feel bloated.
I have a CONSTANT mucous discharge (tmi, but it looks like I blew my nose everytime I wipe).
What is wrong with me?!!
The doctor checked my thyroid, blood sugar, all good!
Doctors only suggestion is to switch my birth control. She gave me Tri-Sprintec and after reading about it, I was scared to take it. I took it for one day, got super itchy all over and sick to my stomach and stopped taking it.
I tried to call my doctor yesterday, I want her to send me for an ultrasound since it would show a baby, a cyst, it would just give me more answers.
Any help, suggestions, anyone that has had an experience like mine and what was wrong with you, id really appreciate it.
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Yes, you are right. You must ask for an ultrasound to know whether you have cyst in ovaries or you have a pregnancy. If you are not pregnant then you should look for other causes. Sometimes a craving for a child leads a woman to experience pregnancy like symptoms. Liver (hepatitis), gall bladder and kidney problems too can cause these symptoms. IBS, acidity and GERD too should be ruled out. Hormone imbalance, PCOD, prolactinomas and HIV too are the other possibilities.  
Consult your gynecologist please. Take care!
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im having the same issue, they told me its normal to not have period on the pill but i've been on it for 3 years and a regular 28 day cycle and about 3 months ago my last period on march 13th was very light and only lasted a day and now its june 6th and three negative urine test.... i took a blood test and im waiting to hear the results.... if its negative what could be wrong..... i sorta feel pregnant but i forget how it feels to be pregnant since my only child is almost 7 now, i had mood swings and crying for no apparent reasons.... nauseous but never threw up, i had rashes, heartburn and period like cramps but no period..... and my abdomen is sore esp. when i lay on my tummy as i sleep.... well if my symptons keep up im going to ask for an ultrasound also....
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So what was the outcome
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