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No period for six months

I've had no period for six months, and i'm not pregnant what could be going on?
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Depends on your other symptoms (if there are any).  There's a lot of things it could be, but a couple things are PCOS, hormone imbalance, stress.  Only way to know for sure is go to your doctor or an ob/gyn and let them investigate it.
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I did, more than one.. all tests came back fine :\
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I have no periods, it's been 3 months all my tests came back fine, as no period my doctor took a stab in the dark and did the  following tests and the results are below, am 37 years of age:

Serum LH level is =  1.8iu/L

serum FSH level is =4.6iu/L

Free Androgen Index =3.6

Serum Testosterone =1 nmol/L

Serum Prolactin level =615 mu/L

Serum Sex Hormone binding globulin level =28 nmol/L

Were your results similar?
How are thing's now?

Reply would be appreciated.

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