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Numerous Fibroid Tumors...have some questions

Good morning.  I'm not too sure if this is the proper place for this post.  My mother has been diagnosed with having numerous tumors in her uterus.  This has been causing her uterus to expand and press up against her organs, especially her bladder.  She also has a cist on one of her ovaries.  The doctor has given her 3 options, which is where my question comes in.  Option #1: Have a D & C which will get rid of the tumors but they may come back.  Option #2: Have hormone shots for 6 months which will put her into menopause, this will shrink the tumors, but not garunteed to work.  Option #3: Have a vaginal hysterectomy with a recovery time of 4-6 weeks.  As much as I know she doesn't want to take option #3, it seems to be the only deffinate option.  I don't understand why the doc would give options that aren't going to work.  Also, since she only has a cist on only one of the ovaries, if she does choose to do the hysterectomy, why would it be necessary to remove both ovaries? I have been told my a few women to tell her to try and keep the one ovary that is ok, which would prevent her from going to "the change" as they call it, so quickly.  Thank you all for you time, any adivce would help.
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I just had a hysterectomy 3 wks ago. I was able to keep 1 ovary, but if i had been 40 or over my dr would have taken both.It all depends on her age and the severity of what's wrong inside.
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I have had a fibroid tumour for about five years. It has started to  grow and put pressure on my organs too. The doc said he will check it in 6 months with the option of surgery. I will not go to surgery at this point. I am 40. Usually fibroids are not cancerous an shrink after menopause. There is embolization which is fairly new which cuts the blood supply to the fibroid which leaves you intact. Not sure the success rate. I think a hysterectomy for any woman should  be only as a last resort. As fibroids are Estrogen dominant it may be good to eat more green leafy vegetables and bio organic foods and improve liver function.  It may reduce the size of the fibroids. It is what I am trying at the moment. Keep gynocological monitoring and try altenatives it may be the answer. lots of luck! ps. there are a lot of good websites on the net take a look.
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