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Odd cramping after orgasm and bowel movements

This is quite odd but I experience an uncomfortable cramping in my lower abdomen after I have an orgasm or after a particularly intense bowel movement. It's somewhat painful but definitely more on the uncomfortable side. Occasionally I will also feel the cramping when I get sexually excited. It doesn't last for too long, a few minutes at most but I was curious if anyone else had experienced something like this.

Thank you for your feedback.
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It sounds like muscle spasms.
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But does anyone have any idea why I would be experiencing these muscle spasms?
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This is probably tmi, but when I am constipated (which I am preggos so I always am!) after I go, I guess it's my intestines, cramp. After I have an orgasm, my uterus gets crampy because of the "contracting". But I am preggos and it doesn't happen if I am not. Are you pregnant? Has this always happened to you??
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No I'm not pregnant (unfortunately..we ARE trying) and no it hasn't *always* happened to me. Probably within the last year or so.
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I am having sopme lower abdomen pain and Iam on my period know.  But whats weird this my first period since July 24.
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I have this same problem.  Nine out of ten times when I have an orgasm I have intense adominal pian then I have to have a bowel movement.  The pain doesn't necessarily go away for a little while. None of my doctors have heard of this or know how to treat it since some major problems were ruled out.  One of my doctors gave me this medication to place under my tongue to control the spasms but it doesn't help at all.  This has been happening for about 2 years now, and you're the first that I've heard of with the samee problem.  This is really effecting my sex life becasue I don't even want to have an orgasm due to the pain.
Please tell me you have found a cure. I'm really going crazy.. I've had the same thing for the last 5 years and no one is giving me answers
I've been having this for years followed by cold sweats and bad dull ache lower abdo and down one or both legs. Usually stops sex as I know what's coming (excuse the pun) so word if I have dreamt something sexual as I'm unaware just wake up in pain then need the loo
i started to get pain AFTER orgasm and sometimes i would get woken up with pain. Eventually it would happen more often and went on for years. I got a hysterectomy and they found endometrosis on a ligament that goes from my uterus to my sacrum bone. now i have no pain and had op. 4 months ago.
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I have really, really bad PMS and two weeks before my period, I start getting a little constipated.  If I have sex or exercise or sometimes just walk, I get these horrible cramps in my lower abdomen and most of the time, I have to have a bowel movement.  The cramps last for about 3-5 minutes.  I have fibroids which may be pressing on my organs but it only happens during that two weeks before my period.  I haven't heard of anyone else with this problem until reading these posts.
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I feel so relieved that there are other people out there experiencing the same as me: I have abdominal pain, just like a period pain, after orgasm (whether sex is penetrative or not) which starts about 5 mins after and continues for about 10-15 mins. Its not so bad just after my period, but seems to get worse as the month progresses. Sometimes, it makes me feel like I need to move my bowels, sometimes it doesn't.
I also sometimes get the same pain, not connected to sex, when I have a bowel movement - agin 5 mins after for about 10-15 mins I've been to my doctor, who had never heard of this, did the normal tests and gave up. I've never heard of anyone who has the same thing before. I have no history of fibroids, cysts, etc, have never had children, used to have an IUD, but had it taken out about a year ago, thinking this might have been the cause. I'm 37.
I've had the pain for over 2 years, and it has definitely put me off sex. If any of you have had any sort of diagnosis or advice, PLEASE let me know... Thank you.
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This may not be entirely correct but I am pretty sure it is caused by:

While trying to reach climax, the muscles and the neurons associated with those muscles receives multiple Action Potentials.  Which in can simply be described as an "Activation Switch." The AP are caused by the constant stimuli they are receiving (i.e. the sexual stimulation).

During an Action Potential, there is an influx of Calcium ions pushed into the muscle fibers which allows them to contract. In order for them to relax back to normal, the free Calcium must be sequestered or taken back up. However, due to the repetitive stimuli, the Ca does not have enough time to be taken back up. In this case, temporal summation occurs. This basically means, the contraction builds and builds on top of each other sort of like a piggy-back effect causing an increase in contraction each time.

Once, orgasm is reached, the muscles or neurons are no longer receiving this stimuli. However, there is so much free residual calcium still left in the muscle cells, they are still in a contractile state. Until, this free Calcium is taken back up, your muscle will not relax which can cause cramps. Also during an orgasm, the pain receptors are blocked inside of your brain. This could mean, you could have the cramps during the orgasm, but you can not receive them in your brain, so you have no knowledge of them.

One more reason could be there is not enough ATP readily available after an orgasm. ATP is the body's energy source. It is also required for the muscles to relax after contraction. During the build of an orgasm, you use a lot of energy (ATP). So, after climax it may take a little longer to receive the energy required to have the muscles return to normal. During this time, the muscles stay contracted in the same state of "rigor mortis." Once, ATP is available the muscle will return back.

Hope this helped
What would you recommend doing to stop the pain from occurring?
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It is common to have mild cramping after an orgasm.... Never heard about a bowel movement maybe because you are relaxed...

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Hi - I just stumbled upon this forum and was very comforted to learn that I am not the only one out there with this problem - Marisa1, I have the exact same symptoms as you described in your post!  I have had this for about 8 years now and none of my doctors could ever seem to explain it. I was told to try and relieve my bowels before entering into a situation that would lead to having an orgasm....not really the best advice. I was wondering if you were able to find out any more info or ways to help alleviate the problem??  Thanks so much.
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I too experience the exact same symptoms, very intense cramping after orgasm ~ probably 85% of the time. The pain is so intense at times that I am in tears. I have tried Tylenol prior to sex, stretching before & after, but nothing seems to help. The pain at times lasts up to 30-45 minutes after.  This has been happening for 4-5 years (I am 39) so i'm not sure what changed in my body to trigger the onset of the pain later in life (I have never been pregnant)  My doctor has no clear cut explanation. I do, however, have endometriosis & fibroids. Although not officially tied to the orgasm pain they could be a contributing factor.  I even have pain at times waking up after having sexual dreams.  I can't offer any advice, however, I will report back in December as I am having a partial hysterectomy the end of November. If I still have the pain after removing my uterus & cleaning out the endo & fibroids then I would guess it's some sort of muscle issue.  The Calcium/ATP explanation above is intriguing. I wonder if there is a way to alter the calcium & ATP to trick the body into not feeling the pain.  I'm not a doc or scientist but will definitely try and look into that explanation further.  There needs to be more research & support groups for women like us. The medical profession seems to have no answers & there are a lot of us out there. probably many more than we think.  Good luck to you & others & I'll report back after my surgery.
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