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On and Off Yeast Infections for over a YEAR

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

I am 22 years old and have been dealing with on an off yeast infections for over a year. It all started out last March I got my first yeast infection and UTI at the same time from a Marathon, mind you I was a virgin at the time so it was not from sex. Following that I continued to get them on and off, after meeting my boyfriend and now being sexually active I get yeast infection every week. I get the symptoms for a couple of days and then they go away and come back a couple of days later. I have taken Fluconazole over 5 times. I obviously don't go to the doctor every time I feel something because my medical bill would just be insanely high. I went to the gyno again in April and she prescribed me a 10-day dose of Boric Acid which seemed to work.After the treatment finished I continued my everyday life and began to be sexually active again. The yeast infection came back and my boyfriend got one too. He put on his Nystatin cream the doctor gave him a while ago since hes gotten them from me before and I called my gyno and she sent me over Fluconazole again.  5 days later and I have a yeast infection again. I was also checked for STD's and everything was negative. I am so done with having to deal with this discomfort, I have tried everything. Im not sure if its the sex that causes this but if you know anything that could help I would really appreciate it!

Thank you
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Ugh, that sounds terrible!  I know how uncomfortable yeast infections are.  You were swabbed I take it and it is definitely yeast?  I suggest you try a probiotic which helps right the balance of good bacteria in your body.  But what might be beneficial right now is to get your hormones checked  Sometimes, producing too much estrogen makes it more common to have yeast overgrowth.  This is why some women get yeast infections frequently before their period.  Being on birth control pills can help even out the hormones.  Also, have you had your sugar level checked?  Sometimes underlying issues like diabetes result in recurring yeast infection situations.  When is the last time you had a physical?
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