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On the pill and bleeding abnormally

I have been on birth control for over a year. If I miss a pill I will bleed lightly for a day or two. I haven't missed for half a year. For the past two month I have been on the generic form of what I usually take and just recently was back on the regular form. Roughly a week after being on my normal pill I started bleeding. I had just had my period (end of the generic pills). The bleeding has lasted longer than my normal periods but has been mostly light. I'm worried because I'm sexually active and have heard that you may bleed during the early stages of pregnancy. But on the other hand I am anemic and due to this double period I have lost a lot of blood and I seem to bleed easily (A shallow cut on my foot wouldn't stop easily). If anyone knows if the bleeding is due to a switch in pills or pregnancy or if its continuation is due to thinning of my blood.
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are you on the mini pill or the combined pill? the mini pill will cause spotting and its a nuisance,also changing pills can cause this, the combined pill normally settles periods, we are recommended that if it this lasts more than two-three months we see our doctor to check for any other problems. are you taking iron for the anaemia?
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I believe I am on the combined pill. Spotting isn't normal for me. I can't take iron because it makes me sick, but I take it in a multivitamin in a small dose. I'm afraid that I might be pregnant.
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