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Only 21: Tired, no energy, weight gain etc

I am only 21. The past year I have been on the depo shot over a year now and I'm not sure if this is the reason to my problems or if it is something else. The past few months I have been very tired. I could sleep for 9+ hours and wake up feeling liked I never slept. My energy is gone. It takes me everything I have to get up and go play with my 2 year old son outside. I've noticed that the things that make me happy don't phase me anymore. I have lost my sex drive as well. Sometimes I feel like its a chore just to keep my husband happy. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night
from night sweats. An not to mention the weight gain. I was always around 120 lbs and in the past year I've gained over 50lbs. I've tried dieting, no sugar, no soda diet but nothing works. I am only 21 an feel as of I'm 50. Can someone please help. Thank you.  
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It.might be the Depo actually, I was miserable on it. Talk to your doc to see if they could switch your BC method. Trust me, sometimes your body is sensitive, and the Depo is a whole lot of hormones at once. If not, it'd still be good to talk to a doc about how you're feeling, so they can rule out everything else. T/c
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I was on this for 7 years, i completly lost my sex drive, as you say it was like a chore. I also put weight on, id say about 3 stone during this time. My depression and anxiety got so bad with it also, goodt hing was my periods stopped, however, the side effects were horrible. I came off it in 2011, my periods came back January of last year. My sex drive came back after 6 months, weight is still there it is hard to shift, i lost about a stone id say after i of it.
I feel a hell of a lot better being of it. Seriously, i advice you to come of it, its not worth it. Good luck xx
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You should talk to your doctor about ditching the depo for now, but consider getting your thyroid checked, and maybe see a psychologist or psychiatrist.  What you're describing could be a major depressive episode, but depo can cause issues with weight gain and lethargy, as can low thyroid levels.  I'm not sure if they'd want an antidepressant anyway, but the bottom line is you need to see someone about this.
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