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Oral Sex and Yeast Infection

This may sound crazy, but the only time I seem to get a yeast infection is after receiving oral sex. If my boyfriend goes down 3 or 4 nights in a row I start developing one. I was just wondering if anyone else has expierencied this, or knows if there could possibly be something in his mouth causing this. (Obviously I would notice and not let him go there if is something I could see) Any suggestions would be great.

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The human mouth is a teeming resevoir for yeast.  Oral sex can seem to lead to yeast in lots of women, while many are never bothered by it.  

You can try washing your outer parts off very well afterwards with a gentle vinegar/water solution which will help restore the ph that discourages yeast overgrowth.  Keep the area clean and dry afterwards.  
Don't use pantiliners, and wear loose cotton panties.

Hope this helps.
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  Not to get too graphic, but I have a concern about recurrent yeast infections.  I have experienced 4 in the past 5 months and am becoming really concerned because when I type "recurrent yeast infections" in the search engine, HIV comes up all over the place.
  Monistat clears it up but they seem to be coming almost immediately after sex.  well, not immediately, but very soon after.  The first one occurred with a new brand of condom, the second one after the saran wrap incident (if u remember), the third after a very hot tanning salon session (no sex there, just ungodly heat) and this current one occurred using a lubricant which I've never used before.
  My question really is this:  Frequently when I have sex, my partner somestimes misses the right hole and like his penis touches near my behind, not inserting it there, but it's still touching?  Can yeast infections be caused by this, i.e., after his penis accidently rubs the but hole (sorry!!) and then he puts it in the vagina?  Please respond because I can't think of any other "normal" reason for this.  I'm really worried because on the back of the Monistat box it says something about recurrent yeast infections and HIV.  Please Respond!!  Thank you.
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Undiagnosed diabetes is MUCH more likely to cause recurrent yeast infections than HIV.  

If you are concerned about either condition, a simple blood test can rule out both of those things during a visit to your health care provider and set your mind at ease.

Lots and lots of women have recurrent yeast infections.  It can be due to lots of things.  Simple things you can do are to wear loose cotton panties, don't wear pantiliners, don't use feminine hygeine sprays or powders.  Don't douche frequently, if you MUST douche for some reason, make it a simple vinegar/water douche (helps restore the normal acidity to the vagina. These are available commercially.) Don't even do that frequently, though.  
Eat lots of natural yogurt if you can stomach it.  Garlic can sometimes help, too.  There is even a site that recommends putting peeled cloves in your vagina, but I don't think I could ever bring myself to do that.  Can you imagine???

Some women find they get yeast infections after oral sex.  Rinse off afterwards with a weak vinegar/water solution and then air dry.  

I don't think what you described would be a big problem or the vast majority of women would have the same thing.
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I was once told by my Pharmacist that eating yogurt while on certain antibiotics can cause some wicked yeast infections..
Just some food for thought. (no pun intended)
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yeast infections can be caused by anal to vaginal contact, even if there is no penetration.  new idea...shower sex!
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Gee a shower, why didn't I think of that one myself!
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wow everyone! U all seem so kind here,I just got my second yeast infection and my mother was so mean to me about it. I felt so bad i cired because i had to call a friend to help me out because i had no money. I wish i would have came here. U all are so kind to eachother.
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Your mom was mean to you because you had a yeast infection? That is terrible!
I assume you are a teenager and teen girls NEED guidance and support from their moms so much. I am glad you had a friend to turn to, but feel free to come here anytime you need to and post a question or whatever. I also wanted to let you know that most counties have Health Depts. which will offer free women's health check-ups and planned parenthood for B.C. and such.
We'll be here to listen if you ever need help.
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i dont understand why she was mean to you? not an excuse but..does she feel that if you get a yeast infection its caused by sex? does she suspect you are sexually active and is upset? i really dont know but like joanna said, come back here and post anytime if you need help/advice. yeast infections are caused by a number of reasons that you cannot help. i wish a yeast infection on no one. they are NOT fun. if you go to the drug store, you can get a treatment that is a store brand that doesnt cost as much. id say no more than $7 ?
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sorry, i was a bit generous on the cost. i just went out to buy some and the store brand for the 3 day cream was 12.99. wishful thinking i guess.
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I haven't sex for a long time. Then it was just one night I met with this guy. Wh went down on me, and also fingering me for a long time. The next day my vagina was itiching. It was a yeast infection. I'v had one in months. I took a warm bath with pure ivory soap and douch with some vingar and water. Thinking that would HELP! It still itiching. Know 'm thinking twice to have oral sex again.
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queenfee, i got my first yeast infection when i was fourteen. i had never done anything remotely sexual. i didn't even know what it was until i told my mom about the discomfort. maybe your mother just has some misinformation about the causes of yeast infection...? regardless, she absolutely should not have been angry with you. it could have been caused by any number of things and it happens to every woman.
oceans3,  i do recall buying a 7-day Target brand medication once for 8.99, so you weren't far off; just have to shell out a few more bucks for the quicker fix. a girl i spoke to recently at the drugstore said they are no longer recommending the one-day treatments as they are apparently less effective in completely clearing up the infection. (to support her claims, i initially ignored her advice and bought one anyway, and sure enough a few weeks later it was back!)
one preventive measure you can take is an over-the-counter pill called AZO Yeast. if you take one a day it will help prevent future infections, although i'm sure they may still occur from time to time (just part of the fun of being a woman! LOL).
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