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Oral squamous papilloma, contagious?

I what my dr thinks is an oral squamous papilloma.  I will see an ENT for excision and biopsy in a few weeks.  If this is caused by HPV does that mean I have an active HPV infection in my mouth? Can contact with the papilloma spread HPV to my partners?
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Hi!  Good questions.  You definitely should talk to your doctor also about these.  You probably forgot to ask when they first told you about this but you can ask at your next appointment.  Here's information on oral squamous papilloma:  https://cancerwall.com/squamous-papilloma/.  Non cancerous growths!  There are a lot of subtypes of HPV.  This article says that the two associated with oral squamous papilloma are not the type linked to cancer.  From what this article says and what I've read, the lesions will also not transfer to your partners.  It also did not spread to other parts of the patients bodies. If they get large or the doctor worries about them, sometimes they remove them. I don't know where you got the hpv infection.  But know that hpv is very common and again, there are many subtypes.  You've never had any reason to believe during a pap smear that you have the type that worries doctors or has been easily seen.  I'm glad they have a vaccine now that we give our kids so they don't have to worry about this.  Hang in there.  hugs.
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