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Ovarian Cancer Concern, Advice?


I'm 19 year old female, I've been having problems for a VERY long time, about 17 is when things started getting a bit bad. I NEVER had regular periods, Infact, I only get them
about once every 5 to 7 months. They only last 3 days with barley any bleeding. I never thought this was a problem. I also started to have chronic constipation, this lasts WEEKS
it's painful, sometimes bloody and mucusy, and comes with INTENSE abdominal pain and chills. (along with many other colon issues) I also have a very bloated abdomen and feel horrible 24/7
I'm fatigued, this led me to seeing my GI and having a colonoscopy/endoscopy yesterday. I was scared for the worst (colon cancer) I had all the signs. Everything came back NORMAL in my colon.
Biopsy's were taken, but my doctor didn't seem worried about my colon. I will be seeing her again for the results in two weeks. I know it's probably not relevant, but in the last two months Ive had horrible
shoulder pain at night. Got my gallbladder checked, came back OK. Also xray showed no issues. I use the bathroom way more than normal, I usually feel like something is pushing on my bladder and pressure in my rectum (tmi I know)

My mother has had both Colon Cancer, and Ovarian Cancer, which led to removal of her Fallopian Tubes and ovaries.

Now I understand none of you are doctors, and I will for sure be asking to get this checked ASAP, but for now to settle my worries
Would you be able to tell me your symptoms and what first made you wonder if you should see your doctor?
(If any of you have this issue or similar)

*also chronic mouth ulcers

Do you think Ovarian Cancer is genetic? On Monday I'm going to schedule an apt with a Gyno, I understand none of you can tell me if I have this, but I just wanted to maybe get opinions and advice if I'm crazy for thinking Cancer. Are missed periods normal?

Could a cyst cause you to miss your period completely?

Thank you very much!
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