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Ovarian Cyst on right ovary but pelvic pain under hip on left?

Good Morning,

I am 42, and something has changed in my monthly cycle well more like things have changed in terms of bleeds and pain. I have been on the mini progesterone only pill for about 20 years and no problems whatsoever , I have always had no issues.

I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst on my right ovary which was 3.2cm and only small/functional I am told. not cancerous and bloods were all good. I havent really had any periods for the last 3 months but period pain is there just nothing, mind you I know the pill can do this but its a first for me, normally i have a period for at least one day.

Besides this cyst, I have a rather sharp, constant dull ache on my left abdomen right below my hip bone near my pelvic area and when I go to the toilet (sorry detailed here) it hurts afterwards if I am straining or been pooping a lot. I am not sure if its linked or not but its there for sure.

I had an UTI back in march, which was aching back and lower cramp but that cleared up in April.

So not sure what to do really as doctors are saying sit and wait to see if the cyst goes away and it should have after 3 months, they are not treating this as serious but its weird how my left pelvic area or lower left side under hip is a dull ache.....its very annoying, its not horrific that I cant work or do anything its just there if that makes sense.....but why on the left if cyst on the right?

I was having acupuncture to help but the lower cramps more like PMT started a day later so I discontinued.

The dull ache on the left is more like a slight stabbing, its worse when sitting down and better when walking at times....but its pretty much there constantly.

thank you for reading....
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