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Ovarian cyst, fibroids and thick uterus oh my


I am 50, no period for 200 days and last period was September 21’. I’m in full perimenopause.
History: endometriosis, celiac, hashimotos
V ultrasound shows 2 fibroids, thin septated cyst on right ovary and uterus 12.4mm thick. Should I be concerned?
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Not unless your doctor says to be concerned. The fibroids are probably no big deal and the ovarian cyst likely the same (unless the doc thinks it is worth further analysis). The thickness of the uterus -- is that the endometrium or the entire uterus? If endometrium, expect another period sometime to shed that lining, but if it's the whole uterus it doesn't sound like much to be concerned about either. Talk to your doctor with questions like this.
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