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Ovarian cyst rupture?

In order to get an accurate answer I have to explain my full medical history.
I'm 20 years old, 5"7, 45kg ( very skinny!) I was diagnosed with crohns disease at 15 although my symptoms were more presented as ulcerative colitis. I believe I have been suffering with the crohns most of my life because I have always had the excruciating abdominal pain, and never been able to gain weight. The doctor I was seeing stated that my case was the worse he had ever seen as I had ulcerations that covered nearly my whole gastro-intestinal tract. I was put on sulfersalizine and steroids which proved to do nothing and later found out I had an extreme allergy to sulpher. I was in the hospital with a relapse nearly every month. A friend told me to smoke marijuana because it worked as a anti inflamitory and I will admit it worked. After smoking small amounts I found my visits to the
hospital have been minimized greatly and I took myself off the prescription drugs.

It has been 2 years since I last had a relapse with the crohns disease, I recently quit smoking dope because me an my partner have been trying for a baby.
On Tuesday, I woke up with a really excruciating pain on the left side of my neck, it was so bad it sent me into spasms. It slowly went away but left a nasty headache. I went to work still that morning and at around 1:30pm I started feeling dizzy, my eyes blurred and I fainted. The ambulance was called to my work and I was taken to the hospital ( the only pain I had at this stage was my headache) The paramedics performed the usual observations and noticed my blood sugar was very low and my heart was showing signs of arrhythmia. I was at the hospital for 5 hours before I decided I wanted to just go home, and the nurse had told me the doctor was still a couple of hours away. I went home and made an appointment the next day with my gp. I went to the doctor the next day, he tested my blood and performed all the usual tests that the hospital did. He then said that he thinks I may have hyperthyroidism and told me to see him
In 2 days when the results of the tests were back. That night as I was eating dinner, I had a sudden pain in my left side near my kidneys, it was so bad I had no choice but to go to emergency at the hospital. I was seen to pretty much straight away because of the amount of pain I was in (like my neck previously, it was coming in spasms) I was immediately given 2.5
of morphine  but the pain wasnt going away. I had 10mg of morphine before the pain subsided. I was then feeling really itchy which I then found out was a common allergic reaction to the morphine. I was rushed off for x-rays and scans to make sure I didn't have kidney problems. My urine and blood was tested for pregnancy and urine infections which came back negative. My blood and urine was crystal clear. I was admitted over night into the hospital. The theory was now that i might of had a cyst on my ovary that had ruptured. The next day I was sent off for an ultrasound. The ultrasound was fairly clean except the doctors noted my left ovary was higher then my right ovary and a little inflamed. There was also a small amount of fluid around the ovary but I was told it was probably because my period was due in the next few days. I was sent home with a clean bill of health but I was left depressed because I don't have any answers to what was going on. I told the doctor that me and my partner have been trying for a baby for a while and I was still unable to get pregnant. The doctor referred me to get pap done and see a gynecologist and fertility doctors if I still have no luck.

I just want an answer or even a theory of what's going on. I am now thinking that I may of had another flare up of the crohns disease but it just didn't feel like the same pain.
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Have you gotten your thyroid results? Thyroid problems can cause infertility.

I'm not convinced that your neck pain and kidney pain are related to your Crohns but I can't say what caused them...they may not even be related to each other (the neck thing could have been a muscle spasm in your neck...they happen...the passing out due to the low blood sugar....the kidney pain...stones? dehydration? ovarian cyst rupture? Just because they occurred close together doesn't mean they are related)

Regarding your fertility...seeing a specialist is a good place to start. Both you and your partner should be evaluated.
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Ovarian cysts can definitely cause that level of pain.  I've been to the ER with them more than once.  If they saw fluid, that probably was from a cyst.  As far as the Cronhs goes, have you tried Remicade infusions?  I have a friend who takes it every 6 weeks for her Crohns and she has had complete remission since she started in 4 years ago.  She also had two healthy babies while on Remicade.  Just a thought if it were a flare up.  Hope this helps.
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