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PAin, odd symptoms, possiblities?

My last period was 3 days, instead of the usual 8.for the past 3 weeks Ive gotten nausaus(although previously being anemic?bulemic ive learned to control wether or not i vomit, but i dry heave usually between 5 to 7 am and 10am to 3 pm) and have random hot flashes and cold flashes that cripple me. My period was 4 days late, and then for an hour i had light brown disharge every time i wiped. My boobs feel like theirs needles inside of them, and im constantly bloated. Today, specifically i started light spotting and some cramping. its consistently irratating. I keep bleeding, but not enough for a pad, but a little bit more then a panty liner. Today i was sitting on the toilet and some blood clots fell out, But with Light Light brown discharge also. My friends keep telling me im pregnant but ive had false pregnancies one time before 7 months ago. Me and my fiance have been trying since last november.ps the blood varies from rich to brown randomly throughout the day.
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you could be pregnant and this bleeding is implantation/ or cudda been pregnant and things are coming away. you need to see ur GP bout this 1 to see if indeed you are or were pregnant. best wishes.
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Spotting in between periods can be a result of implantation bleeding particularly when you are trying hard to conceive. This spotting can be implantation bleed or intermenstrual bleed due to high levels of stress,cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, smoking, dramatic changes in your life style,PCOS or fibroid uterus.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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