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PCOS? abnormal ultrasound

My gyn hx consists of 2006 abn pap/abn colposcopy, & cone biopsy (showed dysplasia but got it all out), and now cervical stenosis from the cone. 2 mos ago during a visit to my former gyn for my ongoing battle with stenosis my Dr ordered a trans vag ultrasound. It showed that my R&L ovaries were abnormal and it stated that they showed multiple small follicles and that they were consistent with PCOS, it also showed a small fluid buildup from the stenosis which it stated was most likely blood trapped in the cervix. Over the past year I have gotten 2 previous US that showed my ovaries as being normal. My former Dr never explained this change to me, and I had to read it myself when I requested my records to go to a new dr for better stenosis treatment. My new dr is most concerned with getting another US next week to check out my fluid buildup from the stenosis, if there is any at all...I feel that I have been menstruating for the past 3 mos but not sure. I was on depo for 9 years and then switched to bc pills for three mos, and for the last mo I have been on nothing. I have never had my hormone levels tested either, Why don't docs do these tests when you have gyn probs or weight gain? 5 years ago I gained +60 lbs over 4-5 mos, and I have to wax my upper lip. Is this PCOS??? If the US showed those follicles on my ovaries what else could it be? My new dr will talk to me after the US next week, and I like to be prepared with questions, any advice is much appreciated?
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