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Ask your doctor!!

This is not a "period".  Menstrual periods are when the uterus flushes out blood that is built up for two weeks after ovulation,  to support a baby if you conceive one that month.  Then,  the period gets rid of all the blood and starts again.

What you are doing is bleeding continuously  and not ovulating,  because you're on the birth control pill.  

Call your doctor.  You shouldn't have continuous vaginal bleeding,  and it's not a "period".  
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I have period twice in this month. But now, I am getting period continuously. It doesn't stop for the 15 days. When i had period on first day, it's light after 7 days, it changed into heavy bleeding. It doesn't happened me before. I don't know what happened to me. I m 26 yrs old.
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You guys need to go see ur doctors I had the same problem it only get's worse trust me make an appointment and make sure they don't just brush it off my doc did and i ended up in the emergency room.
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I have had this problem for about four years now.  It started off as light spotting between periods and has progressed to continuous bleeding or spotting all the time.  I've tried several different birth control pills and none stopped the bleeding.  I'm off birth control pills now.  I was taking prozac for the past four years and recently stopped taking it to see if that was causing it (maybe hormonal).  I had one glorious week of no spotting or bleeding, now its back to bleeding all the time.  My old Obgyn just kept brushing it off as well.  What is wrong with these doctors?!?!  This is obviously a somewhat common problem if that many women are complaining about this and for these docs to brush it off is completely irresponsible and Im sick of it.  I finally found a doc that genuinely seems concerned about it.  Im going back to see her next week and see what tests she wants to do.  Im just so ready to figure this out.  Its so exhausting and  depressing to not know what is wrong with your body, not to mention it getting in the way of other things.
If anyone else finds out any info about this problem please keep us posted.
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My condition is amenorrhea. Since I started getting periods I would only get 4-6 a year. A few years back I went to the ER for a pain in my left side. After X-rays and stuff I found out I had cysts on my ovaries and was put on birthcontrol I was on them for 3 months then for a year. When I got off my entire cycle was messed up. I would was spotting at odd times and started missing more months than I did before.  That time I was rushed to the ER I had been bleeding heavily (1 pad every 1/2hr) for a month and a half my doctor gave me a pill told me to go home. When I got to the ER I had to get an emergency operation and had to get 4 blood transfusions.  

It is imperative that you do get it checked out. I am not trying to scare anyone, I thought I could deal with it and it will eventually go away. Instead I almost died.
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I'm 29, no births yet, and I've had this permanent bleeding since last October. I've seen two doctors but they don't really help and take my problem rather easy. In the first month I slightly started bleeding for another two weeks two days after my regular period, which has always been very painful and was often combined with vomiting, . My next period came regular but never stopped, only changed into slight bleeding. The doctor examined me, sonography, blood test, all he found was a polyp. He recommended me to take the pill but the only result is that the bleeding cut down to exactly 9 days before my actual period. I saw the doctor 4 months later: the polyp was gone but the bleeding not. He said, looking at the sonography image it might be endometrioses but would that cause such a regular bleeding pattern? I doubt it. I also have a low thyroid condition but it's treated so my hormone level is right. I also started having circular pain and burning deeper in my vagina and dryness outside of it, especially before the period. Could it be candida? I feel silly going to the doctors again and again. Some hospitals offer advisory hours for specific problems, I might go there but I guess they are used to more difficult cases.  A friend told me it might result from stress. I had a lot of stress lthe past two years but now my life is rather quiet.  The literature says it could be anything: myoms, endometriosis or cancer which can only be ruled out by D&C  and myoms and uterin cancer are uncommon in women under 40 who are not overweight.I am not inclined to have D&C done if there is no additional indication.  It could be hormone irregularities which the doctor didn't find in me. I have an overproduction of testosterone since I am 13 but why should this cause bleeding just now? I also tried to adapt the pill pause to my bleeding but now it takes even longer. It would be nice to hear from someone who found a solution to her problem.
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