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Hello ,
I would like to share an ongoing issue of more than 3 months.
Started off as a UTI. Dysuria, urgency, frequency, suprapubic pain. Urine showed only trace pus cells and RBC. Nitrite and culture negative.
It resolved with antibiotics. But after 4 days, my vulva and urethra started burning. I have been on ceftriaxone, doxycycline, metronidazole, levofloxacin. But vulval burning during urination and urgency are persistent since 3 months.
Ultrasound, cystoscopy, colposcopy, swabs, bloods, urine are all normal. But symptoms are persistent.

Kindly advise

Thank you
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Have you tried some of the classic home remedies, such as drinking cranberry juice (the acidity is supposed to help) or douching with live-culture yogurt?
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The douching, of course, would only be if the irritated area is inside the vagina. If it is all related to your urinary tract, don't douche, the idea instead is to drink acidic fruit drinks and the acidity clears out the unwanted bacteria or other issue.
I have tried vagisil . betadine wash .
drinking cranberry juice.
Nothing seems to be helping.
Maybe you can try using a peri bottle with a saline solution in it every time you pee. The standard peri bottle is just a squirt bottle, there are also "upside down" peri bottles on the market for just a few bucks that are said to be more simple to use. The solution is something like a few tablespoons of salt in a gallon of water. The reason for the salt is that because the body is salty, if the skin is raw or inflamed, plain water can feel like acid; salt in the water makes it feel soothing to raw skin and not painful. (Some people use witch hazel (liquid) in their peri bottle, half and half with water.) The goal is just to soothe the irritated parts. Betadine would seem to take the body off its usual self-cleansing track, and so would the antibiotics you took (though they obviously worked to heal the infection, your normal urinary-tract environment got disrupted). You need something gentler and more close to natural, since the area is disrupted and irritated. Also, if you haven't, you might change to washing your underwear in one of the laundry soaps made for washing babies' things, such as Dreft. Ordinary detergent might just be too much for your lady parts right now because they are so irritated.
Thank you. I will try it.

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