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I'm 13 and I've never been sexually active nothing has been near there besides toilet paper and tampons, I noticed when I would go to the bathroom and wipe there was tiny spotting of blood (just getting off my period I ignored it) but then it started hurting to wipe I had a look and realised towards my anus was a large red swelling lump that stung to touch and spotted blood whenever I did touch it (to wipe ) then later it started to itch and by itch I mean uncontrollably itch it's probably the worst itching I've ever had its so bad that I can't sleep probably and end up in tears, what's wrong with me!?

I do not have a close relationship with my mum at all, and I don't have anyone to talk to please help!
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You probably wiped too hard I'm extremely obsessive about wiping and sometimes I can over due it and get a spot of blood and it'll start to sting a little a long while after maybe try using wipes it helps so the skin doesn't get as irritated with all that dry paper
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Get some witch hazel, it is available at the chemist or drugstore and is very soothing to hemorrhoids.  They are nothing to be ashamed of.  You put some on a cotton ball and set it on the hemorrhoid.  If it does not begin to heal after sitzbaths and witch hazel, ask your mother to set up a doctor appointment for you.  She doesn't need to know the problem, if you're too embarrassed to say you have an anal issue, tell her you thing it is a UTI.
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It sounds like you have a hemorrhoid.  You are young to have this problem, but it runs in some families.  Do you have trouble with dry stools or trouble passing stool?   You may need to take magnesium citrate.  Only mag citrate is right for constipation.  It can be harder to find and I find it usually only at one drug store near me or I can order it on Amazon.  I take 750 mg.  

The itching is hard to take - it can be very distracting.  You can do a sitz bath.  Basically soak your bum in a tub of warm water for 10 or 15 minutes.  It really helps.  
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