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I have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, and was disappointed to see there was no community for this. So I figured women's health would be the next best thing. Does anyone else here have this? I was going to try a new medication for it called prozac and was wondering if anyone else here with pmdd has tried it, and what their experience has been.
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Hello, welcome to medhelp!  I am sorry you suffer PMDD, that's hard.  I know that in my area, there is a subspecialty of psychiatrist that specializes in woman's issues specifically.  Identifying and treating PMDD is becoming more common but has a long way to go.  People joke about having PMS but the implications of PMDD are far greater as you know.  I've never suffered it but have a friend who has.  SSRI's which Prozac is in the class of (SSRI is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) are the gold standard for treatment.  Some doctors do try to use them short term as in taking them at specific points in the cycle but not every day which is easier with the non controlled release versions of the pills but from what I've learned, most treat with the SSRI by having someone take it every day.  And it significantly helps!  Prozac has been around a long time and has a long history of helping people.  All SSRI's have a period of start up or what they call the 'transition' period in which certain start up side effects may occur.  They usually go away after about 6 weeks and become less and less as each day passes in that 6 week transition to having medication fully on board.  This is why it makes sense to me to take it every day of your cycle rather than the off and on approach but that is between you and your doctor of course.  Sometimes tapering up slowly (gradually increasing dose to full dose) helps and definitely if you stop taking it, they recommend to gradually cut the dose down to 0 to avoid any side effects when stopping it too.  But when on it, many have few side effects and others have some but find that the benefit outweighs that.  And if Prozac isn't the med for you, know that there are others to choose from and you shouldn't give up.  Also, if you are given counseling to further help with the PMDD that is the best thing to do.  Exercise helps as it is releases our body's natural happy chemical and obviously, eating right and good rest also help.  Let me know how it goes, I'd like to stay in touch.  Good luck
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Thank you for your reply. I have tried several other SSRIs to try to help with the pmdd including; Zoloft, celexa, lexapro, and paxil. I am currently on Luvox but find it not helping my symptoms very much. I have also been getting headaches from the luvox. It seems I just keep getting nasty side effects from these and have to discontinue use due to them. I haven't given up hope. I know there has to be a medication out there that is right for me and it may be prozac. I have gotten frustrated with the medications and my symptoms went through a period were they were less severe so I haven't been on any medication for a while. I also suffer from anxiety and depression which prozac also treats.
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im 15 an i have mood issues an also pmdd im on prozac for my anxiety but its also been really good for my pmdd but ive also been on zoloft lexapro (if thats how u spell it) and culexa (definitely spelled that wrong) hopefully you can figure it out but its a SSIR just like the others ive been sick on all of them including the prozac but its also about finding the right mg i started at 10 it didnt work so they put me on 20 an that made me puke an I thought i was gonna die it was awful now im on 15 i dont know if thats just how my body reacts to SSIR but if u go on this maybe you should start at a low dose an increase by 5's
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i ment increase by 5mg each time sorry hope this helps
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