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PMS/ Iron Deficiency/ Anxiety

I'm hoping that someone out there may be able to give me some pointers on what to do next or share similar experiences with me...
4yrs ago I stopped taking Depo Provera injections as I was admitted to hospital 3 times with suspected thrombosis; on the 3rd visit a vein in my leg had "popped out" and had to be surgically removed. Since I stopped the DP I got really heavy periods - soil a tampon and pad within 1hr :( (sorry for the graphics)
Anyway, almost 2yrs ago I started suffering with anxiety "panic attacks" for no reason at all - I went for counselling, seen a psychiatrist and also went for CBT. I took some anti-depressants on the advice of a GP but these sent me over the edge altogether and as I result I am now afraid to take tablets :(  
When I started the CBT I started to keep a diary to kind of track what was happening to me and 2 yrs on a clear pattern has emerged - I get panicky for 3 out of every 4 of my "cycle" weeks. I am only "normal" the week after my period. For these 3 weeks I cry, am moody, am anxious, feel dizzy, experience severe cramps, nausea and am very tired no matter how much sleep I get, I never feel "rested".  The blood flow has reduced significantly but I bleed for 7-9days.
When my period arrives I usually end up spending the first 3 days in bed with sever cramps and am extremely weak - need help to get into shower; which means Ive missed so much time at work.
I have had a pelvic ultrasound which was "normal"; I also had hormone blood tests - the doc said they were ok, but didn't give me any indication of their actual readings (like getting blood from a stone talking to him - please excuse the pun!)
The last time this happened (Oct 08) I went to my GP (male, bit of a caveman) who just told me to get on with it, that every woman has periods etc... I cried the whole way home.
When I first experienced these symptoms I had blood tests, the doc thought there was something wrong with my thyroid.  The only poor result was my iron, which had a reading of 11 on a scale of 20-300, yet they say I wasn't anaemic. He recommended iron suppliments, which I have been taking for a week of each month since I came off DP.
I was absolutely "floored" with the tiredness in August 08, so I went and had some more bloods done, again I was told to take iron suppliments (when I have been taking every day since June 07) as my score was 25 (again on a range of 20-300).
My CBT therapist works in conjunction with the top medical university in Ireland and has told me that there is a direct link between iron deficiency and anxiety; I have yet to find a doctor who won't just throw anti-depressants at me - honestly I am not depressed, but I won't go out socialising/ to eat in case I get another dizzy spell/ panic attack so I am now developing agoraphobic tendancies - fear of the "panic attack".
I need to nip this all in the bud right now and get my life back - I've even had to move back in with my folks as the pain/ weakness/ tiredness has left me bedridden a number of times.
Has anyone had similar to this/ offer me any guidance on what I should do next? I am willing to sell my house (which I haven't lived in in nearly 2yrs) to pay for whatever is necessary to get me back on track. :(
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Hi! I used to have really heavy periods and everything like you are describing and went to my primary care physician and was eventually diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. I am not a doctor but just found out about two or three months ago that I have iron deficiency and on a scale of 70-300 which is normal my count was 2 to begin with and after taking supplements for three months my count had only went up to 8 and by then it should have been at least 70 which is the lowest normal...Now they have told me that since I have crohns disease my body does not absorb the nutrients in lots of pills and so I have to start taking intravenous injections as of maybe monday...The whole being tired thing can be caused from the iron deficiency as that is a common symptom...as well as headaches and shortness of breath and several other things...I hope this can be of some help to you and hope that through this they can figure out what is going on because I know how frustrating it is when you dont feel good...And with Iron deficiency it can also cause you to feel weak all the time and make you not feel good or feel like doing anything at all...May GOD bless you in all you do
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If I were you I would get a second opinion or maybe even go to the ER when your symptoms flare up. I had a friend who had really bad Anxiety attacks out of no where and she went to see an alternative medicine Doc and turns out she had a problem with her liver which I do believe was linked to an iron or some  nutrient deficiency. I really hope everything goes ok and you should REALLY get a 2nd opinion!
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Hi, you may need to take folic acid and sublingual vitamin b12 (or B12 shots) as well as iron supplements. I have been mildly anaemic for a long time despite taking iron supplements until my doctor prescribed floci acid and vitamin B12 you'll see improvement soon, even after one month, though you should take these foe 3 months then you should get a CBC test (Complete Blood Count) Hope this helps
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