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PMS Remedies...

I was wondering if anyone knows of a great PMS remedy.. I am starting to think that I have PMDD. My PMS is so bad that I could kill someone, I get so emotional, angry and irratated. I can't concentrate, my breats hurt, I swell up (like 4lbs more) i hate it and it really puts strain on my poor bf as he always gets the worst of it! I am on Prozac (for depression) and that was supposed to help with PMS too but mine is just so bad.. I work out and do Yoga and don't drink too much caffeine and dont smoke.
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I have a lot of the same symptoms and it's terrible--especially the bloating and swelling, but also experience extreme breast soreness, joint pain, mood swings & irritability, difficulty concentrating, headaches, body aches, strong vag odors, vag. tightness & uncomfortable surges in sex drive (like orgasms are extremely relieving when I have PMS. I think this has to do with testosterone levels--has anyone else experienced this?). I've noticed that PMS has gotten a lot worse in my 30s. (I'm 33.)
After doing some research, I found that one theory for why PMS occurs has to do with vitamin and mineral deficiencies. You may not be getting these vitamins in the first place or something may be causing you not to absorb them. Drinking alcohol interferes with vitamin absorption, for instance.
So, I tried Naturemade Women's Pak vitamins, and it actually seems to help. I'm not sure which vitamin or mineral is helping--the pak includes calcium, B,C,etc... I recommend these vitamins to anyone dealing with PMS. It's helped me--not completely, but the symptoms are more manageable.
I would love to hear other remedies. ...
It's outrageous that there is not more research & dollars devoted to finding real reflief from PMS. It affects so many women's lives on a monthly basis, and it's not taken seriously as it should be.
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itotally agree that not enough is done for research into pms
i have been trying to find out if anyone is taking agnus castus
i was taking optivite only for a month so too early to tell(multi vitamins specifically for pms) but ran out so taking the well women range i had bought before and before i run out of them i will get back to optivite by lamberts.

ive heard calcium and magnesium to be good but at what dose?
its all so confusing!
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Calcium Magnesium and B-Complex are great for PMS.  Calcium and Magnesium work together as muscle relaxers and, since your uterus is surrounded by muscle (you need that muscle to push babies out ya know during labor) and a contraction is really a muscle contraction that pushes out menstrual discharge.  It is also uncomfortable enough to make you miserable, thus PMS.  Shortly before and when you are in labor you go through emotional highs and lows just like  before you go on your period.  So you need to keep track of your period and remember to take your calcium and magnesium.  Stay away from caffeine or at least cut it in half.  Try hard to stay away from the chocolate close to your period.  It can cause extreme breast/nipple pain.  Also try not to mix red meat and caffeine.  This "dangerous" mix has a chemical reaction with your female hormones.  Once your period starts you suddenly realize, "wow!  
That's why I was so emotional for the last few days and everybody I love wants to stay away from me!  No, I'm not a doctor (ha ha), but I am a mother of  7 children, have nursed them all and have learned to listen to my body, and am 43.  Any woman, starting in your teens should take 1000 to 1200 milligrams of calcium a day.  Citrical  with calcium and magnesium is good, but it must have Vitamin D in it to absorb.  Also, Shaklee (a network marketing company) has a wonderful calcium magnesium.  It is inexpensive and you will be thankful.  I take calcium magnesium when I get tension headaches and a lot of calcium if I want to sleep sound at night (like 800-1000 mg).  Also, calcium is a hard mineral to tablet and dissolve in your belly.  So it's important to have Vitamin D with it.  One more thing, don't take all your calcium magnesium at once.  Spread it out.  It is also helps with heart palpitations, osteoporosis, and (at least with the Shaklee), can turn sensitive teeth and gums to strong and healthy within one month.  Your hygienist will be flabbergasted.  I hope this is helpful for anyone that deals with PMS.   B complex is good, but it's hard to find the perfect combination in a drug store.  Try the Calcium magnesium first.  B Complex is found is whole grain breads and rice, FRESH fruits and vegetables and you have to take a lot of it and is a perfect remedy for DEPRESSION.  Shaklee Corporation truly sells the best and the dose is 1 a day.  
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