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Pain during tampon instertion

I am 30yo/f, when i was a teenager sometimes my vagina opening would swell shut during intercourse. This happened maybe 5 times but since then it hasnt been an issue until now. Though my vagina opening is not swelling completely shut i have been having severe pain during attempts at penitrating intercourse or inserting a tampon. This is following my first ever yeast infection that was treated. The itching and irritation externally has stopped, the pain of insertion and the tiny bubbly feeling has not. I am not pregnant (I took 2 tests on 2 different days) this has lasted 2 months now.

Also nausea, head aches, twitching of back and left pinky muscles, irritability and fatigue have accompanied.

Please help!
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Last night a rather large lump appeared around the bottom part of the lip by the vaginal opening with swelling and a purple color. I have been looking it up and i believe its a bartholin cyst which can cause all the symptoms ive been having. I had internal cysts that grew to large sizes before but never on the opening. Im making an appointment for a gyno today.
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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear this!  What you describe can happen with a yeast infection.  And the psychological affects of this can last.  The mind body connection is real.  And some women that have pain with intercourse often find that it is indeed psychological in nature.  I don't know if that is part of it for you==  if you were so uncomfortable, if you fear that it will hurt, you are then tense, etc. that it is all compounded.  But the best thing is to talk to your doctor about this.   I wish you good luck and please let us know how it goes, okay?  
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Its been months now and it hasnt changed except the cyst is now gone. Im getting frustrated.
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